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19 of the Best Air Fryer Recipes and Air Frying Tips for Beginners

I invested in an air fryer several months ago and it has been my favorite way to cook ever since.  Creating Air Fryer Recipes is a lot of fun, especially adjusting all my family’s favorite meals to fit in the air fryer and see how it improved the taste.  Plus, the Air Fryer cooks quicker and is easy to clean.  

Air Fryer Recipes

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Air Fryer Recipes

There are countless types of food that you can prepare using an air fryer and you should!  They taste better because an air fryer makes them tender and crispy, plus it is a quick and easy cooking option. Check out some of my favorite Air Fryer Recipes below.

Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

Air Fryer Oreo Donut Recipe

Air Fryer Breakfast Pastry Recipe

Apple Air Fryer Donut Holes Recipe

Air Fryer Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Air Fryer Biscuit Donut Recipe

Air Fryer Snack Ideas

Air Fryer Fried Pickles Recipe

Simple Air Fryer Pizza Bread Recipe

Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

Air Fryer Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Cajun Air Fryer Diced Potatoes

Air Fryer Corn on the Cob Recipe

The Best Baked Potatoes Made in the Air Fryer

Italian Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks

Garlic Herb Air Fryer Pork Chops

Air Fryer Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Air Fryer Pizza Hot Pockets Recipe

Air Fryer Dessert Recipes

Air Fryer Pumpkin Hand Pies

Air Fryer Apple Pies Recipe

Air Fryer Cookie Recipe

Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas Recipe

The Best Air Fryer Oven

The Power Air Fryer Oven is an air technology that rapidly cooks food using a superheated air whirlwind to give you a crispy fried and sweet taste without using a lot of calories and fats. It is one of the multi-cookers that ensures you get crisp, delicious, juicy, and healthier frying from the air that is oil-free. An air fryer oven is currently the best cooking technology that you can use to get the desired food taste and aroma. We recommend it mostly because it saves time and it is also cost-effective.

What makes the Power Air Fryer Oven the Best, is the size, accessories, one-touch presets, and the 7 cooking options.  This Air Fryer gives you so much versatility that you can cook everything from a full rotisserie chicken to vegetables and everything in between.

Air Fryer Tips

Tips for Air Fryer Beginners

Adjusting temperatures while cooking

You must reduce the temperatures by 250F whenever you are converting a recipe from a specified deep-frying temperature or a traditional oven. The adjustment is recommended for making the circulating air to bring about a consistent environment for cooking hence more effective.

Tossing in Oil Sparingly

Toss two oil tablespoons at most for your food. Fattier foods such as meatballs should not be tossed with any oil at all. The little oil use helps in making your food look appealing, crisp, and with a golden brown color.

Checking on Your Food

Checking to see if a new recipe is done yet, should be done roughly when the food has cooked for two-thirds of the time recommended. This is because food cooks quite faster when using an air fryer.

Make it your habit to preheat the air fryer

Preheating the air fryer makes your food cook evenly. Those without a preheat setting should be turned to the proper temperature and then left to run for about 3 minutes without placing the food.

Greasing the basket for the air fryer

Whether your food requires oil or not, make it your practice always to grease the air fryer basket. This can be done by spraying or rubbing a little oil at the bottom to ensure your food does not stick.

Avoid using aerosol Cans to Grease the Basket

Aerosol cans can cause the air fryer baskets to chip. I recommend investing in good quality oil misters.

Avoid overcrowding your basket

A basket that is not full results to crispy fried food. Putting excess content in the basket hinders browning and crisping of your diet. If you must cook a large quantity of food, it is wise to do so in batches.

Water the bottom to stop smoke

When cooking food that is greasy, you might notice white smoke coming out of the unit. Depending on the type of Air Fryer you are using, pouring a little water at the bottom of your basket solves this problem.  Also, pat your food dry before cooking to prevent excess smoke.

The Best Air Fryer Recipes

Try these delicious Air Fryer Recipes, you won't regret it! From perfectly sweet and crunchy desserts to satisfying chicken and potatoes, you can make everything extra tasty with an Air Fryer.

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