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5 Ways to Unwind and Relax When the Kids Go To Bed

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ways to relax at the end of the night

Ways to Unwind After the Kids Go To Bed

Have you ever went to get into bed, with the house completely silent, the kids all tucked in, the dished done, and yet your shoulders still feel incredibly tight from carrying the world on them all day?  I have, to many times to count, and it never leads up to a restful night sleep.  I’ve learned over the years that mommy time is incredibly important and finding ways to unwind and relax after the kids go to bed is exactly how I should be spending my evening.

As a work at home mom, I have neglected myself in order to make deadlines.  I have stared at a computer typing away or editing a project until the wee hours of the morning, never stopping to think about how giving myself even just 30 minutes to unwind would improve my wellbeing.  No matter what stage we are at as mothers, or what we do for a living, as moms, we seem to always forget about ourselves.  Once the house is quiet and all the children have asked for their 23rd cup of water and fallen asleep, we don’t start to think about ourselves, we see the dirty dished in the sink, the pile of laundry, the grocery list that needs to be made, and every other chore we feel must be done no matter how tiny it is or how stressful our day was.

I say it’s time to put an end to all that!  Let’s start making a point to add some relaxation to our nightly routine so that we can unwind and prepare mentally to do it all again tomorrow.


5 Fall Must-Haves for Busy Moms

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Fall Must Haves for Busy Moms

My Favorite Fall Must-Haves

Fall is my favorite season.  The weather starts to cool down, the house smells of apple crisp and pumpkin pie, and the weekends are filled with hayrides and pumpkin patches.  However, the fall season can hit us moms like a brick wall of chaos if we don’t have a plan and take time for ourselves.
With the change of seasons also comes back to school, holiday shopping, fall sports starting back up, decorating, and so much more.  So here are my fall must-haves to keep you going and enjoying all the fall favorites.

Fall Must Haves Tea Time


The Best Way to Find a Dentist, The Smile Generation!

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Find a Dentist

The Best Way to Find a Dentist Today

Are you looking for a new dentist for your family? I just went through the process of finding a dentist for myself, which is never easy because of my severe anxiety at dentist offices, and finding a pediatric dentist that was not only patient enough to deal with my children but was also trained to deal with special needs, was important. Thanks to The Smile Generation, I am able to find dentists in my area that I absolutely love! The Smile Generation is a referral service that connects you with trusted, local dentists in your community. There are currently more than 650 (and growing) Smile Generation®-trusted offices across the country.


How One Company Continues to Make a Difference in Global Public Health!

Thank you Johnson & Johnson for sponsoring this post.

Global Public Health

Johnson & Johnson’s Continued Commitment to Global Public Health

I have talked about my family’s love of Johnson & Johnson countless times on this blog because I love the brand’s products, the company’s history, and what they stand for. Now what I have learned about the impact they have made on Global Public Health makes me love this brand even more! As a mom of a child with chronic health issues, I am constantly thinking about how to keep my family healthy and happy. Knowing the impact Johnson & Johnson has had on public health, as well as knowing that they continue to stay committed to Global Public Health today is something that makes me a loyal consumer.


How I Stay Connected with Loved Ones While Recharging Mentally

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Words with Friends 2

How I am staying Intouch With Family and Friends

Hey sports moms, has fall practices started for your family yet?  My daughter’s cheer schedule came out last week and it has me sitting on a field for 2 hours a night 4 nights a week.  Now I love to support her and I am fully decked out in team colors and spirit sticks on game days and at competitions, but sitting on those bleachers at every practice can be the epitome of boredom.  I tried working from the field last year but it drained my data quickly and I realized I don’t have the concentration to work as my daughter is getting thrown in the air and my son and getting tackled.  Then there was social media and other mindless games that I tried, I was still bored and feeling kind of guilty about the chunk of time I was pretty much wasting because I am not allowed on the field.  Then this week I downloaded Words With Friends 2 and now I am totally hooked!


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