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Ladybug Open-Faced Sandwich Recipe

Lady Bug Open-faced Sandwich

Now that summer’s here, our entire family’s been craving fresh meals full of fruit and vegetables. When heat waves come and go, no one likes to get too busy in the kitchen! Why boil over a hot stove when you can whip up something cool and healthy?  Open-faced sandwiches are a unique lunch option, and there are so many great ways to make them extra fun for the kids, like with this Ladybug sandwich.


The Best Cranberry Chicken Thighs Recipe for All Seasons!

Cranberry Chicken Thigh Easy Recipe

Baked Cranberry Chicken Thighs

As a busy mom, I am constantly stocking up on frozen fruits and veggies.  I need my produce to last until the next time I go to the store, however, I also don’t want to lose the quality and taste because I prefer frozen ingredients.  That’s why I have been using Cape Cod Select Cranberries for years, they are delicious in recipes frozen or thawed and eaten alone.  Especially in one of our family favorite baked chicken recipes, my sweet and tangy cranberry chicken thighs recipe.

   I was recently asked to participate in the Cape Cod Select Summer Breeze Recipe Challenge, so I figured this would be the perfect time to share this cranberry chicken recipe with you!  It’s an easy meal that is great all year around.  We eat it outside by the pool on summer nights and around the table on Thanksgiving.


Eating all the Fresh From Florida Produce While Staying Healthy!

This post was sponsored by Fresh From Florida as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however, all opinions expressed are my own. 


We moved to Florida a little over a year ago and I have been obsessed with living a healthier lifestyle now that we are no longer cooped up in the house for more than half the year.  Plus, there is something about the warm weather, sunshine, and beautiful beaches that just puts a pep in my step to get out, keep us moving, and eating Fresh from Florida.

There are 3 main areas of my life that I have focused on to stay healthy.  Which are eating right which means lots of fresh fruits and veggies, getting my sleep in and for night owl who has 3 kids that have been the hardest goal to conquer, and staying active.  While it has definitely been hard to get a good 8 hours of sleep in, staying active and eating healthy seems to come easy in Florida.


Add a Bold New Taste to Your Lunch on the Go!

This post is brought to you by StarKist and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Starkist Bold

Do you eat on the go a lot?  I do, between the kid’s activities and family events, I’m always eating something quick in the car.  If I’m not eating on the go, I’m eating at my desk most days.  When your limited in time and space, it’s easy to get into a lunch time rut.  So, I’m always looking for a new healthy and delicious lunch option that doesn’t involve a drive-thru.
If you read my “Un-slump your Summer Lunch Routine” Post back in July, you already know I love Starkist Tuna Creations Pouches.  Now, they’ve kicked it up a notch with some BOLD new flavors.  So, grab a pouch and a fork, and give Tuna a try in a BOLD new way!


Quick and Easy to Eat on The Go!

Pouches are single-serve and require no can opener and no draining, this makes it on the go meal or snack. All you need is a fork, and you can tear, eat, and go!  Doesn’t get much simpler than that.  Or if you want a little something extra, take a pouch and add a BOLD protein to your favorite salads, or with crackers.

Delicious and Nutritious!

StarKist Tuna Creations BOLD is a nutritious meal solution that can fit into your busy lifestyle while adding an extra kick of delicious flavor.  Each pouch is a good source of lean protein, and has 110 calories or less to keep your energy going.

So Many Flavors!

StarKist Tuna Creations BOLD  are available in 6 BOLD varieties, including;
StarKist Tuna Creations BOLD Thai Chili Style
Tuna Creations BOLD Jalapeño
Tuna Creations BOLD Hot Buffalo Style
Tuna Creations BOLD Tapatío
Tuna Creations BOLD Sriracha
Tuna Creations BOLD with Rice & Beans in Hot Sauce.  
With so many flavorful options to choose from, you’ll never have to settle for a boring lunch again!

Starkist Charlie sent me the BOLD Tapatío and BOLD Sriracha flavors to try, and I was not disappointed!  Both flavors are delicious, and already on my shopping list for next week.

Tuna Creations BOLD Tapatio
Fire up your taste buds and get ready for a BOLD hit of flavor.  Tuna Creations partnered with Tapatio and added their hot sauce and a touch of lime juice to the classic chunk light tuna.  This perfect blend is ready to enjoy on corn chips, on a salad, in a taco or straight out of the pouch.


Tuna Creations BOLD Sriracha
This hot sauce flavor is made from red chili peppers, garlic and vinegar.  With a garlicky spicy kick, this tuna is the perfect addition to a ramen noodle salad or tuna burger.  Enjoy on rice cakes, crackers or right from the pouch.

I’m usually eating them out of the pouch, especially on the days I am stuck in the car going from school pick up to afterschool activities.  However, on the days I’m home I like to mix it up a bit.  I like how the spicy flavors add a unique kick to my salads, or mix some tuna into my scrambled eggs, and my favorite is piling the tuna on top of my chicken at dinner time.

Want to learn more about the great flavor options StarKist offers?  Visit Starkist here!

Make sure you get social with StarKist Charlie!

Quick and Simple Back to School Meal Time Ideas with $1.99 Rotisserie Chicken!

This post is sponsored by Boston Market, All opinions are my own.

Quick and Simple Back to School Meal Time Ideas

Back to School Meal Ideas

Back to school season this year has had me thrown for a loop.  The kids are starting their second school year in Florida and the school year starts very early down here.  

Going into this summer, I assumed this year wouldn’t be as bad after hustling through last year, I was wrong!  After living my entire life in New England, I guess it is still a habit to think of August as a summer month.  When school supplies started popping up in stores before the 4th of July, logically I thought “wow, I guess we have to start shopping” but did I? No!  I am so accustomed to the 4th of July being the kick off of the summer festivities not the time that the summer fun starts to wind down.  So, I procrastinated and procrastinated and as you can surely imagine, the first few weeks of school this year had me frazzled, pus to add to the stress, the youth sports season started at the same time.

There were several nights that I spent trying to squeeze through the school supply isles of my local department store with all the other stressed out mothers, after already spending hours on a practice field.   Luckily by day one, the kids had their new school clothes on and their backpacks packed, but once they got on the bus, I realized I hadn’t even thought about dinner, or lunch for the second day.  I excitedly thought about how I could now stroll through the grocery store without any kids attached to my carriage, but the last thing I wanted to think about was cooking.  Luckily Boston Market saved my sanity!

Boston Market Family Meal

I love Boston Market because I can run in and get a complete meal for my family that is not only affordable, but it also feels like home cooking.  We are still sitting around the table passing the mashed potatoes and vegetables at the end of the day talking about how school was, and this makes my heart happy and my brain a whole lot less frazzled.


Boston Market Family Meals feed families of three, four or more.  I usually get the Family Meal for 4, because my husband works the night shift and isn’t a big eater at dinner time, so it is always more than enough food for us.   With a main dish of rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, roasted turkey, or BBQ ribs, plus 4 sides and corn bread, this family dinner is an easy way to get everyone to the kitchen table without any complaints!

$1.99 Family Meal Deal!

Boston Market is offering a whole rotisserie chicken for only $1.99 with the purchase of any Family Meal!  In addition to feeding my whole family a delicious wholesome Family Meal, I got a whole fresh, never frozen rotisserie chicken for just $1.99.  These chickens can be used in tasty school lunches, afternoon snacks, and into dinner recipes to save time without sacrificing flavor.  This deal made meal times during the school week so much more manageable!


How I used my $1.99 Fresh Never Frozen Rotisserie Chicken


Omelets!  I love mixing up the usual cereal or waffles quick breakfasts that happen in my house during busy mornings.  Omelets are a perfect option when I have cooked chicken in the fridge waiting for me.  My kids love eggs, and I love being able to add some nutritious chicken breast and veggies to their breakfast.  With the help of Boston Market’s $1.99 meal deal, I can have a hot breakfast on the table as quickly as it takes my children to pick out which cereal they’d want.


Chicken Salad is a lunch time favorite for my family, the kids love it as a sandwich, while my husband and I can eat it by the bowl full.  Using Boston Market’s Rotisserie Chicken makes my normal chicken salad a lot more flavorful, plus there is no cooking for me!  Lunch is ready in a few minutes.


For a third meal, I used what was left of our rotisserie chicken in a quick Ceaser Salad mix to add some protein to flavor to it.

For $1.99, this Boston Market Meal Deal, saved me time while feeding my family 3 delicious meals in addition to the original family dinner I purchased. 
Are you struggling with meal time during the back to school stress?  Boston Market has you covered!


What is your favorite Boston Market meal?

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