• Crinkle Grinch Colored Christmas Cookies

    Grinch Crinkle Christmas Cookies Recipe

    Grinch Themed Christmas Cookies Recipe If you are a fan of everything Christmas and the Grinch, these Grinch Crinkle Christmas Cookies need to be on your radar. No one can be cranky when these cookies are around! We may not quite be in the Christmas holiday time just yet…but we’re close enough and in my […] Read more…

  • Candy LEGO brick topping on cupcakes

    Lego Themed Birthday Cupcakes Recipe

    All jokes aside, when I heard about the second LEGO movie coming out, I was ecstatic. Immediately, I was inspired to make these LEGO Themed Cupcakes. Read more…


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  • Clever Laundry Hacks

    Clever Laundry Hacks To Simplify Laundry

    From getting stains out of clothes, learning how to remove that mildew smell in towels and more. I am going to share some clever laundry hacks to simplify laundry! These hacks will save you time and get the job done! Make sure to share these awesome laundry tips and tricks with your friends and family! Read more…

  • New Magic eraser Uses

    Magic Eraser Uses and Hacks You Haven’t Heard of Before

    Magic Erasers can be bought online, found at drugstores, and supermarkets every day. They are very affordable to purchase and can be used in so many different situations, I highly recommend keeping a few handy, in case you are in a bind. Check out these 20 Magic Eraser Uses! Read more…