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The American Girl Store Experience – Tips for Visiting an American Girl Doll Store

If you are planning a trip to an American Girl Doll Store I have some tips for visiting to make the most of your American Girl Store Experience. American Girl dolls are something that every little girl dreams of, and to be able to take a day and go to a store will be a moment she remembers forever. I want to share little tips so that you can experience all the wonderful things available to make it unforgettable. 

Tips for Your American Girl Store Experience

For me, American Girl Dolls are set apart from the rest. They create storylines to go with each of the dolls that really help connect with your child. From stuttering issues, dolls who dream of going to space, writing poems as a form of expression, and more. You can find a doll to help encourage and show love to your little one! Enough of that, let me share tips for visiting American Girl Stores and all the attractions inside. 

Bring an American Girl Doll 

Feel free to let your child bring their doll with them so they have their little friend there to experience it all. Just make sure to pack a backpack or bag to carry her in just in case your hands get full along the way. 

American Girl Doll Salon 

Whether you buy a new doll or bring one you can get your doll’s hair done, ears pierced, and more at the doll salon. It is so much fun and your child can even pick what type of hairstyle the dolls should get. I loved this aspect of the store, it was really special. I highly recommend stopping and doing this part. 

Pack a Camera 

You can take pictures while you are in the store. Different areas of the store have life-size sets where you can sit down and take pictures with your child and their doll. It is really neat and you can always frame the picture later and display it in your daughter’s room as a memorable moment! 

Eat While You Are There 

The American Girl Bistro is a must. They make it a very fun environment where your American Girl doll gets their own seat at the table, they even serve the doll a drink and more. Plus if your child didn’t bring their doll, they offer loaners so you still get that unique dining experience like you are having a tea party! Just make sure to have a reservation as some stores fill up fast. If you don’t want a full meal then just order a dessert to share, it is a fun experience. 

Activities at the American Girl Store

The store has a schedule that is full of free and creative activities for the kids. From crafts to scavenger hunts, learning how to do hair on your doll, and more so be sure to check your local store’s calendar of events

Personal Shoppers 

The store offers personal shoppers that can help give you the best experience possible. They can help give you ideas of things you might want to check out or attend for activities and more. The store can be overwhelming and getting a little help and guided around is always a plus. 

Displays at the American Girl Doll Store 

So throughout the store, you will see a lot of displays of merchandise. The staff tells you to let the kids play with items so that they get the full experience. They might play with a bed set for a doll or cooking items, it gives them an idea of what the item would be like if you bought it, but also adds a new element to the store environment. 

American Girl Store Experiences at Partner Hotels 

Consider staying the night at a partner hotel so that you can come back the next day. Some hotels offer an American Girl Experience package where they send a little doll bed and items to your room for your child’s doll and more. It becomes a really special treat. While I wouldn’t do this with every trip, but on occasions, it makes it really unique and fun. 

Set A Budget 

Make sure to set a budget on how much you will spend. I know you might not think you need it but things add up quickly. The American Doll store makes it such an amazing experience that it is hard to resist not buying every neat little accessory or doll that comes into your sites.

I truly believe the American Girl Store Experience is a one-of-a-kind activity that every American Girl Doll collector will love.  Are you planning a trip to the store with your child?  If so I hope these tips help make the most of your experience.

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