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Top 10 Books for Bloggers to Read for Success

Top Books for Bloggers


Top 10 Books Every Blogger Should Read for Success

If you are a blogger you know that there are a lot of books out there about blogging and becoming successful! Today I compiled some of the top books for bloggers to read! From learning how to juggle work and taking care of kids, to gaining more views on your site.

Blogging takes time and can be a process, but when you find tools that can bring you success faster, why not take it! The books below are packed full of information that is so beneficial to you! You can find tips and tricks to implement and boost your blog quickly!

Best Books for Bloggers

Must Read Books For Bloggers

1, Mom Boss – If you are juggling taking care of kids and a blog, then you know it can be stressful. Read this Mom Boss book and learn from a step-by-step guide to being active with your kids and having success in your blog business!

  1. How To Make Money Blogging –  If you are looking for guidance on how to make money blogging, then read this book. It shares great resources on how to monetize your site.
  2. WordPress for Beginners 2017: WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging. It can take a little bit of getting used to, and with this book, you can find guidance! They teach you how to create a blog that is professional, and know how to navigate. You might learn a few things even being a seasoned blogger if you need direction with WordPress.
  3. ProBlogger: One of the most popular books to buy! They teach you how to make a six-figure income with your blog. Many bloggers recommend this book, easy to read and lots of great tips.
  4. How to Blog for Profit: This book offers great advice on how to blog making money, and stay authentic in the process.
  5. 50 Things To Know About Social Media For Bloggers And Writers: Teaches you how to use social media with your blog for optimal success!
  6. Google SEO for Bloggers: If you are a blogger you know how big keywords are in your articles. It what helps you rank in Google, so this book can give you valuable insight!
  7. Before You Write Another Blog Post: They teach you how to format your blog articles so they are optimal for gaining traffic, sales, and more. A great book to read. You want your posts to be easy on the eyes, and they teach you how!
  8. How To Research Blog Content Like A Pro- In Half The Time: Need help finding content to write on, then grab this book for direction on how to research! They will share tips and tricks to save you time!
  9. How to Land Guest Posts on Authority Blogs: If you are debating on writing guest posts for other bloggers to help get your name out, then check out this book! They share ways to reach out to bloggers and what to say to possibly teach up for guest posting!

Best Books for Bloggers


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