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Universal Studios Orlando Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

Before you head out on your next trip to Universal, check out these handy Universal Studios Orlando tips below. These tips will help guide you to make the most of your trip and even save some money.

Universal Studios Orlando Florida Tips

Must-Know Universal Studios Orlando Tips

This is a great guide to follow for first-time visitors and even those who go often. I will do my best to help answer common questions and give you ideas on how to make the most of your trip. 

Characters at Universal Studios Orlando

Buy Tickets Ahead of Time

To save time waiting in line and even money I suggest ordering your Universal Orlando tickets online before you go. You can even find deals online that will help give you a little discount. A lot of times they have a buy two days get a third-day free type of offer. 

Universal Studios Orlando Tips

Download the App 

I highly recommend downloading the Universal Orlando Resort App on your phone. This is a great way to find out wait times in lines, list of attractions with descriptions so you can debate on doing it, park maps, and more. It is a great way to really not get lost and see what events are happening that you might want to venture off and do. 

Express Passes 

This is one that you might consider doing. It is very similar to the FastPass+ like what you use at Disney. This is an additional price for your tickets. Universal allows you to use Express Passes as many rides as you want (some rides are not eligible). You do not have to have an assigned time for the attraction, which is nice, you can pick and choose as you want, and not feel rushed. Depending on all you want to do and see, you might consider doing the Express Passes. 

Now they have Unlimed Express Pass which allows you to ride the same ride over and over, whereas the Express Pass allows you to use the pass once for each ride. I recommend looking at the Universal Orlando app on your phone to see the wait times for the rides you want and see which ones will benefit you to use the Express Pass on. This helps you maximize your time and not wait in line as often. 

Flaming Moe Duff at Universal Studios

Food and Drinks 

The parks do allow some food and drinks in water bottles, some snacks (for food allergies, etc), or if you have items needed for a baby or medical purposes as well. If you plan to dine consider making reservations so you don’t struggle with a long wait, not all restaurants have the option for reservations but if they do it is nice to set up in advance. Also, you can purchase a meal plan for your family if you are staying for a while and think you might benefit from eating on location for each meal. To beat crowds try to eat earlier than normal to save time in line. 

Arrive Early 

If you are an on-site guest meaning you stay at one of their resorts you can get early entrances to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Volcano Bay. Make sure to get there before the gates open as many might already be waiting. Then you are able to get in and enjoy before a huge crowd comes. Now if you are not staying on-site, still try to arrive early to the entrance. You can get to the attraction you want to do the most and have hopefully less of a wait time. 

Volcano Bay Tip| If you want seating or a cabana you need to reserve it at least 2-3 weeks before you plan on going to Orlando. The seating sells out fast, and if you wait you will not have any seating options most likely. 


Make sure to be prepared for the heat if you go in the summer. Take breaks when the family gets tired, dress for it, and pack sunscreen. It is very hot and you don’t want to overheat. Also, prepare to have rain ponchos handy or umbrellas in case of an impromptu rain shower. I buy ponchos on Amazon for very cheap, stuff in my purse and then if we need them we have them. 

Ride through New York Ride at Universal Studios Orlando

Ride Swap 

If you have younger kids with you who might not meed a height requirement for the attraction, you can do a ride swap. Ride Swap is great because it lets the whole family go through the queue together, then at the area where they load, one parent can take the kid who doesn’t ride to a special are to wait, while the other family members go for the ride. Then when the ride is done, they meet back together, and then the parents swap and they can take another child on the ride without having to start over waiting in line. It saves time so the family and second child don’t have to wait so long. 

Jaws at Universal Studios Orlando

Even More Universal Studios Orlando Tips

Take a backpack to carry supplies

Want to visit Diagon Alley, go early or late, the middle of the day is swamped. 

Rent a stroller to lighten your load

Harry Potter Fans- ride Hogwarts Express in both directions, they are different experiences each way. 

Have your phone charged or carry a portable charger.

Do a park-themed wake-up call if you are staying at one of their locations.  

Eat before you do rides. 

Visiting Universal Studios Orlando Florida

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