Have you met Lea Clark yet?  American Girl’s 2016 “Doll of the Year” Lea was released on January 1st and she has Lilly completely in love!

As I have mentioned in the past, Lilly is obsessed with everything American Girl, and she has brought me along for the ride.  We both adore everything about the American Girl experience and trips to our local store are always filled with mother/daughter memories that I cherish.

American Girl Doll sent us the Lea to review and Lea has stepped up Lilly’s obsession because according to Lilly, “Lea is just like me!”.  Her story takes place in Brazil and Lea is also an animal lover, which Lilly can completely relate to.

About Lea:
Lea, the 2016 Girl of the Year, is a talented photographer with an adventurous spirit. In her story, Lea discovers a wide world of possibilities when she embarks on a faraway adventure to Brazil. The 18”Lea doll has warm hazel eyes, medium skin, and long wavy hair. Lea arrives in a colorful dress with braided trim, underwear, and sandals with crisscrossed laces. Also included are her colorful canvas messenger bag, a pretend compass necklace, and the Lea Dives In paperback book by Lisa Yee.
Out of all Lilly’s dolls and the dolls I’ve fawned over at the store, Lea is the prettiest.  She is simply gorgeous, her hair and skin tone is perfect, I may be partial though because she looks so much like Lilly in the summer months.  Her dress is also beautiful, I can’t wait to get Lilly the matching one when the weather gets warmer.
Lea’s Story:
Written by award-winning author Lisa Yee, the 2016 Girl of the Year books—Lea Dives In, Lea Leads the Way, and Lea and Camila—introduce girls to a curious ten-year-old girl with an adventurous spirit. On a family trip to Brazil to visit her older brother, Zac, who is studying the Amazon rainforest, Lea is excited to capture everything she sees with her camera. Soon Lea  makes some incredible discoveries, but she also faces unexpected challenges, including a fear  of the ocean, tension with Zac, and finding a baby sloth that has been gravely injured. With the   help of her family, her new Brazilian friend, Camila, and her late grandmother’s guiding inspiration, Lea finds the inner strength and confidence to live her new adventures to the fullest.
Lea’s canvas bag and compass necklace match perfectly with her theme, and are absolutly adorable.  So are all the fun things in her accessorey kit.  The kit includes a camera, headband, bracelet, passport, animal photos, and a miniture National Geographic Kids book.
If you choose to get her ears pierced, her earring set is also full of vibrant colors.
What We Think:
When Lilly came home from school I surprised her with Lea, and she was ecstatic.
As we learned more about Lea and her story line we fell in love with her even more.  This story is a great adventure that will inspire girls to follow their passions no matter where they take them.  Along with opening up an amazing part of the world to children.  Lilly already has a love for Brazil, however we haven’t been to the Rain forest before.  Lea’s story is opening up so many conversations about different animals and how people live in the Amazon.  Lilly has also discovered a passion for photography after reading Lea’s first story.
If your thinking about investing in this years “Girl of the Year”, I highly recommend Lea and say go for it!
The Lea Doll & Book Set Retail Cost: $120
Lea’s Accessories Retail Cost: $32
Other Fun Lea Things: 
1. All-new, action-adventure film will debut on DVD from Universal
Studios Home Entertainment in summer 2016.
2. There will be a 3 book series telling Lea’s story
3. Lea™ Born for Adventure Paid App and Online Play: Girls can join Lea in Brazil for an
adventure of a lifetime with this paid app, featuring beautiful graphics, exclusive content,
and endless play. The app retails for $1.99 and is available for download on the American Girl website.
 4. Girls can also visit the Lea-dedicated site for book
excerpts, movie-related content, games and quizzes, wallpaper and e-cards, and much
Giving Back:
To show girls that, together, they can make a difference in helping protect animals and their habitats,
American Girl has created Wild at Art, a year-long fund-raising campaign in support of World
Wildlife Fund (WWF).
Starting January 1, American Girl is encouraging girls to use their artistic
abilities to host an art sale and donate the proceeds to WWF.
To launch the campaign, American
Girl has made a $50,000 donation to WWF and also invites customers to contribute at American Girl
retail stores and americangirl.com. Parents can visit americangirl.com/wildatart to learn more and
register for Wild at Art, plus get animal-themed craft ideas, and be entered into a sweepstakes for
the chance to win one of 17 Lea prize packages.
In addition, from January 1 through December 31, 2016, for every purchase of one of the three plush
animals in Lea’s collection—the margay, sea turtle, or sloth—American Girl will donate $1 (up to a
maximum of $100,000) to WWF.
Disclosure:  American Girl sent us a Lea Clark doll to help facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% my own.

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