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American Girl Doll of the Year 2018 is Luciana Vega

Disclosure:  American Girl sent us a doll to help facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% my own.

American Girl Doll of the Year 2018

American Girl Doll Luciana Vega

American Girl Doll of the year for 2018 is Luciana Vega! Luciana has taken the world by storm with her love for science and the hopes to one day explore Mars and all its wonders. She has a streak of purple in her hair that gives her that playful and fun modern feel. I think the American Girl Doll Luciana Vega is a perfect doll that girls can become inspired from and feel like they connect.

American Girl Doll Luciana

I know for me as a young child, dolls were a must for me. I loved using my imagination to play with them, fix their hair, change clothes and have fun. With the American Girl Doll line, they allow playtime to be even more fun. Each doll comes with a back story, Luciana love science and wants to go to Mars one day. What I love about that is if you have a child who loves science as well this doll might be a perfect fit. It can help give her the encouragement to chase your dreams no matter how far off in the distance they might be. Each American Girl doll has a different story, and that is what I love. Your daughter can connect to the doll and feel that confidence gain especially if the story fits similar to her. You can find dolls who have stuttering issues, want to be a writer, musical talents and so many more.

Luciana Vega comes with some fun clothes, I love her cosmic printed dress and a red purse belt! The has a fun choker as well that has a holographic print on it, and a charm star necklace. She is one really adorable and lovable doll. Like I stated above she has a bright purple streak in her hair, and has moveable limbs and head for optimal playtime fun.

New American Girl doll Luciana

Where to Buy American Girl Doll Luciana Vega: 

If you are interested in buying the Luciana American Girl Doll, you can shop at or through one of their retail stores! This is a perfect doll to add to your child’s American Girl collection! 

The Luciana Doll & Book Set is available here and Retail Cost: $115
Luciana’s Accessories are also available and Retail Cost: $25

New American Girl Doll of the Year

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American Girl Doll of the Year 2018

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  1. What a cute little doll!! I love the purple streak in her hair! So fun.

  2. What a sweet doll! I love that she even comes with her story book. She looks like the perfect gift.

  3. What a pretty doll. I bet my daughter would love having an American Girl Doll.

  4. I’m kind of glad I have boys. I hear American Girl dolls are pretty expensive, but I know if I had a little girl or if I was still a little girl I’d want to choose one that looked just like me.

  5. I saw Luciana in the American Girl catalog – she sounds like such a cool doll. I saw there is even a Luciana Space camp for kids! I love that there are dolls like this to inspire kids.

  6. What a great doll! I love what she represents and you know I love that purple streak in her hair!

  7. Oh fab! I love that this doll has a story and dreams that kids would love. This is a perfect gift for my niece!

  8. I love this doll! I actually love all the Dolls Of the year – they all have great stories behind them, and they show young girls that they can achieve anything

  9. That’s a beautiful doll!! My daughter (11), was never really into the American Girl dolls. I always secretly wished she was. LOL

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