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Kidcot Locations and other Epcot Childrens Attractions

Epcot is most commonly thought of as the least kid-friendly park. However, there is plenty to appeal to children if you decide to go as a family. Epcot’s biggest attraction may be the Food and Wine festival and other excuses to “drink around the world”, but it isn’t just for adults. The park’s focus on education does not mean that it is boring for children either. With Epcot’s Kidcot locations and interactive games, if anyone can package cultural and scientific information for kids, it’s Disney.

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One of the ways Epcot manages to keep kids entertained in the World Showcase is the Kidcot Fun Stops. These are little nooks set up at the pavilions around the World Showcase where kids can use craft supplies to make a keepsake as they make their way through the park and visit different world destinations. As they craft cards, a Disney Cast Member who is representative of each country will talk to them about their unique cultural heritage.

Kidcot Locations

There are Kidcot Fun Stops in 11 different locations in the World Showcase. Each of the pavilions has one. In Mexico, you can find it inside, between the stairs from the Folk Art exhibit to the marketplace. Then, in Norway, it’s at the Puffin’s Roost. In China, it is near the exit from the circle vision production. The Germany Pavilion has one at Volkskunst. The Italy Pavilion and the American pavilion each have one outside.

The Japan Pavilion Kidcot Fun Stop is in the Bijutsu Kan Gallery, and the Moroccan one is in the marketplace. Souvenirs De France is where you’ll find Kidcot in France. In the United Kingdom, It’s in the back of the Toy Soldier with the Winnie the Pooh stuff. The last place is outside the circle vision theater in Canada.

Play Disney Parks App

Another fun way for kids to explore Epcot and interact with the world is to use the Play Disney Parks app. This free download lets you interact with your surroundings and play games connected to attractions while you wait. It’s a great way to pass the time and get more out of your Disney experience. It’s especially useful for older kids who are fixated on electronics. The app also includes trivia, curated music from the parks, and achievements you can unlock the more you do during your vacation If you are taking advantage of the Kidcot Fun Stops.

Epcot for Kids

Kidcot is an excellent example of how Epcot is made for kids as well as adults. Many of the Future World pavilions have interactive games and features kids love. Agent P World Showcase Adventure is a scavenger hunt that gives kids, even more, to discover and learn in Walt Disney World’s most unique theme park. Between the games at the Imagination Pavilion and Spaceship Earth, the attractions like Turtle Talk with Crush and Finding Nemo, and the nation-specific crafts and cast member attention, Kids get a lot of entertainment and education from visiting Epcot. Even the festivals have brought more experiences for kids to enjoy. Kidcot was the first kid-focused element introduced to Epcot, but now there is more than ever to make Epcot fun for everyone.

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