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New HARRY POTTER™ Quidditch dolls available at Walmart!

This post is sponsored by Mattel, but all opinions are my own. 

I have been a HARRY POTTER™ fan since I was first introduced to the books back in high school. However, once my son was old enough to be introduced to the WIZARDING WORLD™, our fandom went to a whole new level. Anthony saved up every dollar he made for over a year to buy an authentic GRYFFINDOR™ robe. I had a little boy to do chores for that whole year – Harry Potter, you won major parenting points that year! When the twins got old enough and followed suit, we started trying to create Harry Potter fun as often as possible with crafts, recipes, and of course exploring the WIZARDING WORLD. But still, when a new Harry Potter toy comes out, it gets everyone excited. We love growing our Harry Potter collection, and the new HARRY POTTER QUIDDITCH™ dolls that are exclusively available at Walmart have the kids grinning ear to ear!

As Harry Potter fans, we know there is an intense rivalry between HARRY POTTER and DRACO MALFOY™, and now you can act out the scenes as these two competitors go head to head to win their team the QUIDDITCH CUP™. These dolls are definitely the new must-have toy for every fan from children to adult collectors.

Both Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy come ready to fully play out the scene, but will the win go to GRYFFINDOR or SLYTHERIN™?

All Harry Potter Quidditch dolls come in their HOGWARTS™ robe, signature striped sweater, and protective gear to keep them safe during the games. They also come with all the accessories needed to act out your child’s favorite Harry Potter scenes. The NIMBUS™ broomsticks were the first thing I noticed when opening up the package – they are so unique, it definitely impressed me how much detail went into the making of these dolls, even featuring Harry Potter’s lightning bolt scar. The kids loved the GOLDEN SNITCH™ the most. The dolls are also made with eleven moveable joints, making it easy for children to act out an amazing duel!

Become the Coolest Mom on The Block with a QUIDDITCH™ match epic playdate. Is your family full of Harry Potter fans like mine? My kids have read each book countless times and all 8 movies seem to always be replaying every weekend, not to mention the collection of wands, sound familiar? Well, with summer vacation here, why not grab these new dolls to celebrate a year well done, and host an epic QUIDDITCH match playdate? Now that’s an awesome way to get the neighborhood ready for a magical summer!

Are you excited about these new Harry Potter QUIDDITCH dolls? Make sure you head to the toys and collectibles aisle at Walmart and grab them both to participate in even more of the Harry Potter fun! Add Harry and Draco to your cart here! 

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  1. Oh these are super cool. Lots of Harry Potter fans are going to love having some pretend Quidditch matches with them!

  2. How cute! I can see my daughter having fun with these. She knows more about Harry Potter than I do. I never got into it!

  3. Ha! My daughter’s 27th birthday is next week! I have to buy one of these as a joke because she was crazy about Harry Potter!

  4. Those look so cool, perfect for the collector or the Harry Potter lover, my sister in law would probably want to add them to her collection

  5. You know I haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter movies I know sad right. My son has and he loves them he has been trying to convince me to watch and I think I will before school starts and catch up

  6. I love those stuff of Harry Potter. We would love to collect some of these. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your son looks so cute. I really love the Harry Potter outfit and the dolls are so adorable too.

  8. Ah so cute! Loved all things Harry Potter growing up too! Def a cool mom when you gift these!

  9. My kids would have enjoyed playing with the Harry Potter Quidditch dolls when they were younger (if the dolls had existed.) They are still big Harry Potter fans.

  10. They did a great job designing the Harry Potter dolls! Our kids love Harry Potter!

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