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Book Fastpasses and Easily Use them in Walt Disney World Parks

When you visit Walt Disney World, there are a lot of little things you need to do to prepare, Disney Vacation Planning can take a lot of work, but it’s fun too. Part of preparing is getting acquainted with terminology like Fastpass, Photopass, MagicBand, etc. Fastpass has been around for almost 20 years. However, at Walt Disney World, the way you Book Fastpasses and use them is a little different. Using Fastpass+ can make your trip much easier on you and more fun. But if you are unfamiliar with it, it might be more stressful than helpful. Here is a look at what Fastpasses are and how to use them.

Tips for Booking Fastpasses at Disney World

What is Fastpass+?

Fastpass+ is Walt Disney World’s unique version of the Fastpass system. You can keep Fastpasses stored digitally on your My Disney Experience app or on your MagicBand. The system allows you to pick three attractions to ride in advance and schedule your Fastpass return time. Fastpass lines are shorter than the standby lines. The guests standing in the Fastpass line take priority over guests on standby. Fastpass is not a Front of the Line pass, but it does save time, allowing your place to be held while you do other things.

When You Should Book Fastpasses

If you stay at a Walt Disney World resort hotel, you get the benefit of scheduling Fastpasses 30 extra days in advance. Otherwise, you only get 30 days in advance of your trip. The 6o day window is a huge benefit, and if you only have 30 days, you may find some of the more popular attractions are already full. Whichever window you get it is vital to start making your Fastpass selections as soon as possible.

Additional Fastpasses

Just because you can only select three Fastpasses does not mean that that’s all you can have. You can add more Fastpasses one by one as soon as you use up your initial three. You can also cancel a Fastpass you don’t want to use and pick something else. Don’t schedule your first three Fastpasses to be too spread out or carry into the night, because you will severely limit your ability to use more Fastpasses throughout the day. If you have enough hustle, you can ride a lot of attractions in the afternoon and evening hours.

Book Fastpass+ for These Rides

In the Magic Kingdom, the most extended wait times are typically for Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Splash Mountain are also very long. Schedule rides that are closer in proximity so you can manage your day efficiently.

In Hollywood Studios there is a tiered structure that allows you only to pick one of a specific class of attraction. The same goes for Epcot.

In Hollywood Studios there are few rides, and all are fun, so it’s hard to say one ride is better than the other. Although the Tower of Terror is one of the best Disney thrill rides of all time, Slinky Dog Dash is a great roller coaster for all ages, and scoring a Millennium Falcon Fastpass is the ultimate Disney win.

At Epcot, there is more strategy and a lot of it has to do with location and what your plans are. Frozen Ever After is a better choice of Tier 1 attraction because wait times are still considerable and the ride doesn’t have the same capacity as Soarin’.  Also, Test Track has a single rider line so if you don’t mind separating from your party you may be able to get on the ride quickly.  I try to get on either Soarin’ or Test Track as soon as the park opens when lines are usually under 20 minutes and then check the wait for the second highly popular ride.

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom you should book Flight of Passage as soon as possible because the lines still get pretty sizeable there, most days it reaches a 2 hours wait.  Kilimanjaro Safaris and Expedition Everest are also great choices.

I hope this helps your Disney World trip go smoothly and minimize your time in lines so that you can maximize the Disney Magic!

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