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Guide to Pin Trading at Disney World

If you have researched about Disney or been there before you know that pin trading is a very popular thing. Cast members will wear a variety of pins that you are able to trade with. All you do is walk up and ask to see their pins, and see if they are open to trading with your child or yourself. You can trade in two pins with each cast member at each time if you want. Here is a guide to pin trading at Disney World to help give you an idea of how it all works. This Disney Vacation Planning Guide offers you everything you need to know to plan the most magical Walt Disney World Trip

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Pin Trading at Disney World

I will break down the different types of pins, how most people store their pins, and more. It is a great quick guide to give you an idea of the whole idea of pin trading. Kids love to be out on the hunt for that special pin that completes their collection. It is one more activity that they can find fun while they are enjoying their Disney World vacation. 

Types of Pins

You can find a variety of Disney World pins that you or your child can begin collecting and trading for pins you desire. I will list a few of them below to give you an idea of what to expect. 

  • Series Style Pins – These are groups of say 4-8 Disney pins that are similar. 
  • Limited Edition – You will find limited edition pins available around holidays and more. 
  • Character Pins – These will have Disney characters on them. 
  • Mickey’s – These are where they have a small Mickey head on the pin hidden. These are pins that are rarer because you can only find them on cast members and can’t buy them in stores. Those are the ones you want to trade for. 
  • Classics or Retros – Whether you call them classic pins or retros these pins are from characters, films, and attractions that are popular years ago. 

You can decide which pins hold more value to you. Create a collection of pins that fit your style and preference! 

Best Places to Buy Pins

Pin trading can be an expensive hobby if you are not careful. Now you can buy some pins before you even leave for your trip on Amazon or even eBay. Both sites have some pretty reputable sellers, just make sure to research and look at the feedback to ensure it is a safe buy. You can save lots of money going this route, instead of buying pins while you are in Disney ($8-$15 price range). Or buy some online and then allow so many to be purchased while you are at Disney World. Real Disney pins will have a logo on the back of it, two prongs on either side of its closure and then a stick pin closure. If you do buy off the internet be prepared that some pins might be scratched or not in perfect condition. As long as the pin reaches the requirements cast members will trade with you. 

Pin Boards

Be on the lookout some merchandise locations will have a pin board out every now and again. It will feature a variety of pins that you can look through. If you see a cast member near ask them if they have a board. It is neat to look through and see if any of the pins on there you can’t resist. 

Best Way to Store Pins

While you are at Disney or even before you can buy a lanyard that is great for pin collecting. Or you can buy a bag that you are able to add your pins on or store them safely. There is no right or wrong way to display or carry your pins. You just want to make sure to keep the pins in good condition or they won’t qualify to trade later on. 

Can You Trade Pins with Other Guests?

While you can trade with another guest if you happen to see a pin of theirs that you’re interested in. They do not have to trade with you though, and it is not something that everyone does. Just make sure if you consider trading you ask in a polite manner because you have to remember they are there enjoying their vacation as well. 

I hope this helps answers questions and gives you a guideline to the whole pin trading that goes on. I know at first I was a little confused but once you start doing it, you will be comfortable to ask to see pins from cast members and go on the hunt for your pin that completes a collection.  

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