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Savvy Ways To Save Money at Disney

If you are thinking of going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, then check out these savvy ways to save money at Disney! With a little prep, you can actually save money and enjoy all the fun rides and activities!  Disney Vacation Planning can take time but planning ahead also saves you stress and helps you stay on budget.


Easy Ways To Save Money at Disney 

It is no secret that going to Walt Disney World or Disneyland can really eat up quite a bit of money! But with these fun tips and tricks below, I can help you save a little money! Every child and even adult I think dreams of going to Disney at least once in their lifetime! So, stress and follow these savvy ways to save! 


Tips and Tricks to Save Money at Walt Disney World and Disneyland 

Discounted Tickets: There are several authorized resellers that sell Disney Park tickets, at a discount. The tickets have the same perks as buying direct and can save you a litter. Parksavers is a great one to buy for Disney World and Disneyland tickets! 

Off-Site Hotels: Consider not staying at one of the Disney hotels. They do offer some amazing perks and fun themes, but a lot of spending can go to hotels, especially for larger families. Think about renting a hotel that isn’t a Disney hotel. You could still have a nice stay and then head to Disney each morning to spend the day. You could even find a hotel that is within walking distance to the park. 

Stay On-Site: I know I just said staying off-site saves. But if you do save on-site, take advantage of the perks. Walt Disney World resorts, will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your hotel. You also score free parking and other nice perks. That can save on renting a car or going on a bus. Plus you can reserve your Fast Passes a full month sooner by staying at one of their hotels. There are perks if you stay at one of their hotels. So weigh your options and see what fits best for your family and budget. 

Shop For Souvenirs Before: If you want to have the family in Disney shirts or fun hats, consider buying beforehand. You can find Disney attire everywhere, and if you shop smart you can save a ton! That way when you are there, you have your fun items, and you don’t feel you are missing out, but saved money doing it! 

Mousesavers: Sign up at Mousesavers, it is a site devoted to saving money at Disney! They send out newsletters from time to time, that offer exclusive discounts and sales. It is a great way to possibly save for an upcoming trip. 

Stroller or Wagon: Bring your own stroller or wagon! If you have little ones, they will get tired of walking all day, and renting a stroller can cost $15 a day. Make sure to have a canopy to protect them from the sun, as you will be standing in lines for long periods at a time. 

Take a Break from The Park: Sometimes people forget how much you can do besides riding all the fun rides. Consider taking a day to lounge by the pool, or go explore the town you are in! You can find it can save a good chunk of change, even if it is for a day. 

Discounted Gift Cards:  Consider buying discounted Disney Gift Cards. eBay, Sam’s Club, Some grocery stores carry them, and more. You can save a few bucks if you buy a gift card at a discount. Then you can use them for food, souvenirs, tickets, or whatever you want. 

Disney Youth Education Series: If you have kids, you can enroll them in the Disney Youth Education Series (YES) and they can learn at Disney and save you money. If your child enrolls in the program the family gets ticket discounts. 

Bring Water or Refillable Container: You can spend $4 a bottle for water, so make sure to bring your own water, or a refillable cup. This will save you a lot. You can use water fountains or get a refill at a restaurant of water. 

Pack Your Own Snacks: People assume you can’t bring in your own food to the parks, but you can. You can still enjoy some of the tasty treats Disney has, but you can also save a little. Pack up some crackers, pretzels, cheese sticks, or whatever your family likes. Then just store in a bag, and hook on to your stroller. This will really help save money in the long run, especially with multiple kids. 

Groceries: Most hotels will have a little fridge inside. Consider getting a few groceries to have to save on eating out. 

I hope these tips and tricks can help you to save a little on your trip! Going to Disney is an amazing experience and as soon as you leave you will probably be saving for your next trip! 


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