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5 Easy Back To School Shopping Tips Every Mom Should Know About!

A huge thank you to Garnet Hill Kids for sending the kids backpacks as part of their Ambassador program.  All opinions are my own.

Back to school shopping tips moms should know

Back to School Shopping Tips

The summer break is just about to end, and most moms are preparing to send their children back to school. The back to school shopping is anything but easy, much less if you have several kids whose school supply lists will put a major dent on your budget. Here are 5 tips that will help you to save a few pennies on your back to school shopping. 


Make a List of the Priorities and Write Down your Back to School Shopping List

Children do not necessarily list down what they need, rather it is what they want. Keeping in mind that your duty is to send them back to school with what’s on the school list along with comfortable shoes and clothes. Identify what you already have so you do not end up items that will not be used immediately. Take time to talk to your kids through what you deem necessary and what extras you can afford.

Start Back to School Shopping Early

Shopping a few days before the start of school only adds to the hustle and frustration as you have to hop from store to store trying to cover everything on your list. Stocking up your kids’ supplies a little at a time will help you avoid last minute frustrations.

Compare Prices Online 

Most stores provide incredible back to school discounts to lure in parents who are searching for a deal this time of year. Be sure to check out which store is offering the best discounts before leaving the house.

Buy the School Supply Basics in Bulk

Have you come across a great deal on basics such as erasers, pencils, and tape? Chances are that your kids will be needing these items all year round. Consider buying them in bulk so that you will be covered for the rest of the year.  My son needs 4 colored notebooks in science class all year, and he will go through each of them multiple times.  Right now I can find notebooks for 4/$1, however, in November those notebooks usually cost me over $2 a piece.  So I have created a school supply bin in the garage with extra supplies to save me money in the long run.

back to school shopping

Lookout for Stores offering Freebies

Once you buy a backpack from Garnet Hill Kids, you get a fancy, matching, eco-friendly lunch pack for free. The lunch packs are made with recycled material, so besides getting a freebie, you will be fulfilling an environmental obligation of keeping our landfills free of plastic bottles.

Back to school shopping tips backpacks back to school shopping girls backpacks

When you’re out shopping for your kids why not give back to the society? Garnet Hills Kids is running a #GHBackpackGiveBack campaign through September 14th!  Share your back to school photos on their Instagram page or upload them on www.garnethill.com/backpackgiveback and they will donate $10 for every photo shared to the Kids in Need Foundation. You also stand a chance to win one of the five coffee table books by Plum Prints.

5 back to school shopping tips

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  1. We always look out or wait for sale items. We try to be prepared as much as possible but make sure we are still saving.

  2. I luck out and my mom does momst of the back to school shopping for us. I thought I would love it but it wasn’t as fun after the first couple years.

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