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Benefits of Swimming for Children to learn

Benefits of Swimming for Children

My family loves to swim, we are like fish all summer long.  Swimming helps the kids cool off and burn off energy over school vacation.  Plus it is a relaxing way for mommy and daddy to spend a hot summer day.
The best part is there are so many benefits that come along with swimming for children!

Here are just a few:

1) Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise.  This is especially important in a generation where kids spend more time playing with electronics than playing sports.

2) Swimming improves balance, posture, flexibility, and coordination.  This is an incredible benefit considering how low impact swimming is.

3) Learning to swim initially and then improving on the skill builds confidence and self-reliance while cultivating high self-esteem.  These are skills that can help children in all aspects of life.

4) Swimming can be an individual or team sport.  I have a child who is very outgoing and another who is extremely introverted.  I love how swimming is a sport that works so well for both personality types. 

5) It’s fun and challenging.  As soon as you get a bunch of kids in the water it seems instantaneous that the games, races, cannonballs, and laughing begins.

I can definitely vouch for these benefits.  Having children with special needs often makes the improvements from being in the water much more visible.  Aidan is instantly calmed down once he hits the water and Lilly’s strength and balance improves greatly during our swimming months.

Benefits of Swimming for Children

 Now that the kids are getting older I look forward to enrolling them in our local swim team.  Swim teams are the perfect combination of fun and competition! 

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5 Benefits of Swimming for Children

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