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What to do at Disney Springs! Food, Shopping, and Fun

As you begin to plan your next Disney World Vacation, you may be wondering What To Do At Disney Springs.  I recommend keeping a day in your itinerary free to enjoy all the shopping, restaurants, and activities, Disney Springs has to offer!

What to do at Disney Springs Orlando

What to do at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a great place to venture off to and escape the lines, heat, and do something a bit fun! You can have some amazing dining, shop, and even find some great entertainment value there. Disney Springs is a perfect place to spend part of the day or even a full day for the full experience. They have expanded with new stores, lounges, and even restaurants. If you are curious about what to do at Disney Springs let me help give you some ideas to help pass the time. 

Attractions and fun at Dsiney Springs

Discount Tip for Disney Springs

As a heads up make sure to check with stores and restaurants to see if they offer discounts for Disney Visa cardholders, vacation club members, and more. If you ask you to have the opportunity to save a little money so always feel free to ask while you are out. 

World of Disney Stitch at Disney Springs

Shopping at Disney Springs

If you are a fan of shopping this is a must. You can find shopping spots for mom, dad, and kids. They have a really neat area where you can build your own Mr. Potato Head, kids go crazy for this. The Basin is a great place to go for shopping bath and skincare items. You can find amazing soaps, bath salts, and more. This is a must place for anyone who loves all-natural bath items. The stores are endless, and it is hard not to spend a ton of money, cause I wanted one of everything. 

Shopping at Disney Springs

The food at Disney Springs

Wow, let me say the food options are endless. From food trucks that have those novelty items that you crave. Amorette’s Patisserie is a great place to shop for pastries, you can find cheesecakes in a variety of flavors, crepes, and more. Lots of restaurants, places to stop in for espresso drinks, and more. For kid-themed dining options consider the Rainforest Cafe and T REX will keep your kids entertained while you eat. 

Food at Disney Springs T-Rex

If you are craving sugar head over to the Goofy’s Candy Company. You will find confectionery sweets at every turn and the colors and design are mesmerizing. They have stations where kids can make their own treats, you can buy Mickey Mouse shaped treats, and so much more. 

Where to eat at Disney Springs Sprinkles

Another sweet find is Sprinkles, head over to the pink ATM, and get yourself a delicious cupcake!  If you are a foodie or sweets lover you will love all the food options at Disney Springs. 

What to Eat at Disney Springs Cupcake ATM

Frontera Cocina Mexicana

If you are looking for a more exquisite visit check out the six-time award-winning chef Rick Bayless. He has a wonderful Mexican cuisine that is in a relaxing and stunning environment to make you feel special. You will find amazing dishes that offer exquisite flavors that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Boathose What to do at Disney Springs

The BoatHouse 

Check out the nautical style look and ambiance at the Boathouse. You will find antique boats out for display, dive into fresh oysters by the water, or sink into one of their famous desserts. Plus you can hop on the water taxi for a really neat boat ride that will allow you to see all the beautiful scenery. 

Take a Car Boat ride at Disney Springs

Fun at Disney Springs

Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories 

Head over to this shop and you can create your own ear hat that you can customize. You can even get your hat monogrammed which makes it extra special. I love that this shop offers unique and special items that can really make your trip memorable. You can find tons of specialty items that make great gifts for kids and family members. 

The LEGO Store 

If you are wanting a way to give your kids something to do head to the LEGO store. This is such a fun time for kids to see big displays, have playtime, and feel like they are in the kid’s atmosphere. There are many shops that are more for kids, but this one is highly popular and it is a great time to get out of the hot weather. Your kids can even build and play in a designated area, and you don’t have to pay. 

Play at the Lego Store at Disney Springs

I hope this helps give you an idea of some of the things you can do. You can spend an entire day shopping and doing activities with the family. It is a wonderful place to stop in, just make sure to pack an umbrella or ponchos in case you get into a rainstorm. 

Rides at Disney Springs


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What to do at Disney Springs


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