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Don’t Miss Out on These Underrated Disney Attractions!

As you begin your Disney World Vacation Planning, you are probably already thinking of some must-see attractions, however, there are also some underrated Disney attractions that you don’t want to miss!


Don’t Miss Out on These Underrated Disney Attractions

It’s probably no secret that the most popular Disney attractions are those which seem timeless and appeal to the masses. Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World immediately come to mind, in the eyes of many.

But, what about some of the hidden gems? The truth is there are lots of attractions scattered throughout the Disney parks that deserve more attention. Quite honestly, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t take time to check them out. Here are three possibilities to get you started.

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is a hilarious; yet underrated attraction situated in the Tomorrowland area of Magic Kingdom. Waiting in line for long periods typically isn’t an issue and the hugely entertaining 400-seat comedy club provides lots of interaction between monster comedians and excited guests.

Once inside the doors of Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, visitors “play the role” of humans whose job it is to provide laughter (magically converted into energy) to power the monster world.

You’ll be entertained by some of the finest comedians in Monstropolis, including Mike Wazowski, Sam and Ella, Roz, and Buddy Boil… just to name a few.

Think you know a funny joke? Before the show begins, you have an opportunity to text it to Mike. It might even get used in one of the routines. How cool is that?

Walt Disney Presents

Formerly known as One Man’s Dream, Walt Disney Presents is an interactive gallery featuring items and information from Walt Disney’s life and the formation of the Disney franchise.

While it’s often well-regarded by guests who visit the venue, it doesn’t see as much traffic throughout the day like most other attractions. This might be because people unknowingly assume it’ a simple, boring museum. However, this is far from the case.

Not only does the gallery include artifacts from the cartoonist’s life and a film detailing the hardships Mr. Disney went through to start and run his empire, but concept art and models are also generally put on display before the release of each new movie.

Living with the Land

Living with the Land is a fascinating ride, showcasing the role technology plays when it comes to agriculture. The first part of the adventure consists of a slow boat ride through various artificial biomes. This ride is meant to educate guests about the connection between humans and the environment, as well as ways humanity has managed to modify the land to its advantage.

During the second part of the ride, guests get a chance to explore the “Living Laboratory,” a botanical exhibit highlighting plants grown using various hydroponic methods. The laboratory is home to a number of fascinating displays, such as an aquaculture exhibit and an aeroponic farm area.

There are also sections devoted to topics not directly related to the plants themselves, including an entomology lab that produces beneficial insects such as ladybugs for the gardens. If you love Mother Nature, Living with the Land is definitely for you!

These are just a few underrated Disney attractions worth visiting. Not only will you be entertained AND learn lots of new things in the process, but it’s also a great way to avoid huge crowds and some of the hustle and bustle that always takes place near the most popular attractions. Let’s face it; sometimes you just need to take a breather!


Do you have a favorite underrated Disney attraction that you love to visit?


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  1. How exciting! Each of these attractions sound like something I would love to do. Although I am sure I would enjoy them all I think Living With The Land would be my favorite.

  2. Disney world is like walking into another world!! Thank you for sharing all the attractions that are spectacular but never really thought of!! I will have to plan a trip to take my son to the monster Inc. Laughing room

  3. It’s really amazing to be able to maximize your time in Disney and that means checking out the underrated attractions as well. This is a pretty great list!

  4. Oh I’m so much amazed with Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, I really need good laugh by comedians these days , really not sure as to why is it underrated..

  5. I haven’t been to Disney is a good while, but Im those kind of people that actually love an underrated ride because I generally feel more relaxed and there are less lines. I love Walt Disney presents.

  6. I love reading about Disney I haven’t had a chance to take my children there yet so these sorts of posts are really good for my prep work. I hope to take them sometime soon x

  7. These attractions really got me excited and I may have to play a trip to experience them!

  8. duly noted for the future when I take my kiddos! we’ll be sure o check out the underrated attractions too! All three you’ve mentioned sound interesting, I think my kids would really like the laugh floor!

  9. I went to the original Disneyland in Anaheim, CA with my boyfriend last year and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves Disney. It’s very quaint and it’s great to see where the dream started.

  10. I am looking forward to visiting In the next month.
    Thank you for sharing.

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