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15 fun things to do with your kids this spring

I am always on the hunt for activities to do with my kids to have fun and make memories.  As the weather starts getting warm and we can get out and enjoy the fresh air, I put these fun things to do with kids this spring on my to-do list.

Activities to do with kids this spring

Things to do with your kids this spring

The blooming flowers and the beautiful, lush scenery is a characteristic of the spring season and this is what makes this season magical. This is the time to go outside and take advantage of the beauty that lies in the landscape around you. In this article, we look at some of the fun things you can do with kids during springtime.

Grow a spring garden

Maybe it’s time to start a simple spring garden with your kids. Allow them to have their own little gardening space and get them good gardening gear.

Go for a nature walk

The fresh air and beautiful sceneries in spring beg you to take a much-deserved nature walk. This would be a great time to hit the outdoors.

Volunteer in the community

How about teaching your kids how to be good citizens and have some fun while doing it? Volunteering in a community project would be an amazing way to do this. They get to meet other kids and socialize.

Gaze at the stars

If you are not worried about your kids sleeping late at night, you can always take them to the backyard to gaze at the stars. If you have a telescope you can make this a more indulging experience for the kids.

Let the kids splash in water puddles

The slight showers experienced in spring create water puddles that get the kids really excited. Give them rain boots and let them enjoy their time splashing around in those puddles.

Camp in your backyard

You do not need to go too far to have a great camping experience. Your backyard will suffice. Pitch a tent and spend some quality camping time with the kids right at home.

Visit a local playground

Local playgrounds are a good place to spend a spring day. You can create good memories here. Do not be shy to join your kids in the swinging, sliding, soccer play, or whatever game they are into. (Lessons Learned on the Playground)

Take a road trip

A road trip is always a great leisure activity you can engage with your kids. This will be a refreshing moment for everyone in the family. You do not need to go too far from your home. Driving for a few hours around your state would work just fine. (Tips for Making your Family Road Trip Fun and Easy)

Do DIY crafts

Bring out the colors, papers, and crayons to create DIY crafts that your kids will love. Encourage them to let their creativity and imagination flow.

Do some baking

Kids love to bake, especially if you are indulging them in baking their favorite cookies. Try doing them in different shapes and colors for their excitement.

Go kite flying

This is also an interesting activity for your kids. Make a kite and let them fly it around the neighborhood.

Go on a scavenger hunt

This is one of the most popular and exciting games you can engage your kids in this spring. You can download a scavenger hunt printable online and go have some fun hunting.

Wash the car

Take the car out and have fun washing it together with your kids. Do not worry about them getting a little wet in the process and do not put too many expectations on cleanliness. This will be a fun activity for them.

Have an outdoor picnic

If the weather allows, you can go for a beautiful picnic outing with your kids. Carry their favorite foods with you and purpose to have a great time.

Visit a local zoo

Take the little ones on an educational tour at the local zoo. They will learn a lot about animals and plants while still having some fun. (Guide to Zoo Tampa)

Activities for kids this spring

What are your favorite springtime family activities?

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