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Roll a Cupcake Free Printable Game for Your Next Party

“Roll A Cupcake” is an easy and entertaining dice game for kids of all ages. See below for instructions on how to play and a free printable game set. You just need dice to start playing!

Roll a Cupcake Printable game

The game is simple to set up and easy to understand, which makes it perfect to pass the time at home or with children in a classroom setting. Kids in preschool or kindergarten will find it especially fun. It can be played alone or with several players at once.

For older kids, you could change the dice key around and make the game a bit more challenging by having them roll multiple dice and add, subtract, or multiply the numbers they roll to match with the new key.


Printable Set – See below to download and print all the materials needed to play, including a blank card with the dice key and cupcake decoration elements: frosting, bottoms, and decorative pieces such as colored sprinkles.

Set of Dice –  Give each player their own die, or, if you only have one, players can take turns rolling. This fun, colorful set of dice would work perfectly for multiple players!

One or Multiple Players – If multiple children and adults are available to play, you could make the game competitive or just play together as a simple and fun activity.



Start by printing out the Roll a Cupcake materials, which are available below. For the best play experience, it’s recommended to print out all the materials on white card stock and laminate them. This will make them easier to use for multiple game sessions.

You can print out as many dice key cards as you need for the game. If you have multiple players playing the game together, each player will need at least one blank card along with one cupcake base. The cupcake decoration cards can be easily shared. Feel free to print out more cupcake decoration pieces if needed.

If you prefer to give each child their own set of materials, then it’s best to print out copies of the entire game set for each player.

Once you’ve got your materials ready, cut out the bases of the cupcakes and each of the decoration cards. Set the pieces aside.

To play, have each player roll a die. Match the number that they rolled to the dice key. That player then decorates their cupcake by following the directions noted on the dice key to see which decorations to add to their cupcake!

For a competitive game, make it so that the first player who rolls one of each type wins. Or you can simply play for fun and share and compare each player’s decorated cupcakes with the group. When everyone’s done decorating, simply slide the cupcake decoration cards off the bases and start rolling to play again!


Click the “Get Printed Game Set” box below to download the complete set of materials for the Roll a Cupcake printable game.

You can print these activity documents from any standard printer, although one with color ink is best. Please do not sell or repost these materials elsewhere; they are intended for your classroom or at-home use only.


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