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3 Benefits of Doing a Thankful Journal with Free Printable Thankful Journal

Sitting down and writing out things and people you are thankful for can be highly beneficial to you.  Thankful journaling helps everything from your mental health, to your overall stress level, and even your physical health. You should definitely start your thankful journal today. 

Free Printable Thankful Journal

3 Benefits of Doing a Thankful Journal

Reduces your Stress Level

The act of writing down things you are thankful for helps shift your thoughts from your struggles to what is already doing well in your life. 

Writing a journal about everything you are thankful for can be an act of meditation to help clear your mind of all the stressful worries and start thinking about all the beautiful blessings that fill your life. 

People who keep a thankful journal say that within a few days, they already feel a reduction in stress levels. 

Improves your Sleep

If you write down your thankful journal before bed, you will sleep better.  

Better sleep comes from reducing your stress and flooding your brain with happy chemicals like domine and serotonin that help you fall asleep peacefully. 

Instead of your brain focusing on your worries before you go to sleep, it will be focused on all the good things in your life. 

Increases your Positivity 

If you find yourself stuck in a rut of negativity, using a journal to remind you of your blessings can be just the thing to bring you out of it. 

Because when you are focusing more frequently on things you are grateful for, you will naturally start thinking more positive thoughts. 

More positive thoughts will lead to more positivity in your whole life.

You can get your Thankful Journal right here so you can start benefiting from all the mental health and physical health benefits. You can start writing out all the things you are thankful for on these beautiful pages that can be used as an adult or even a teen or preteen. 

Download Free Printable Thankful Journal Here

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