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6 Ways to Teach Science at the Beach this Summer

A trip to the beach during the summer months is an excellent time to relax and unwind, but did you also know it can be a wonderful educational opportunity for kids? There are so many opportunities to learn something new when you head to the beach, and when you look below you will find some fun ideas to get you started. Check out these 6 ways to teach science at the beach, and see how easy it can be to make your trip to the beach a fun and educational one!

ways to teach science at the beach

Fun Ways to Teach Your Children Science at the Beach

Experiment with floating/sinking

Can you predict which items can float and which items can sink? Gather a collection of items such as rocks, twigs, beach toys, etc., and see if you can predict which ones will float and which will sink. Test out each item and see if your predictions were correct. This is a great time to talk about what makes items buoyant.

Look for signs of the changing tide

The tide will most likely change from day to day, and there are many ways you can look for evidence of this. Talk about the tide and what causes the change, then you can look for examples such as tide pools, waves and ripples in the sand, and items such as driftwood located on various parts of the beach. See how many examples of the tide in action you can find.

Go on a science specimen scavenger hunt

How many beach treasures can you find? Take a baggie and go in search of scientific specimens. You can look for shells, beach glass, driftwood, and more. These specimens are all ever-changing due to the effects of the sand and water, and now is a great chance to talk about it!

Investigate the wildlife common to the beach you are visiting

What type of wildlife is native to the beach you are traveling to? See if you can make a list prior to going and find examples of this wildlife when you visit. This may include certain types of fish, crabs, birds, and bugs. Make a list of the wildlife you spot and investigate further when you return home.

Make your own sundials

Did you know you can tell what time of day it is by creating your own sundial? These are many kid-friendly tutorials online you can try on your next trip to the beach. Make your own mini sundial, then check it during various times of the day to see if you can determine the time!

Look for examples of solids, liquids, and gas

Explore the various forms of matter during your next trip to the beach! Look for examples of solids (beach toys, boats, towels) as well as examples of liquids (juice, water, sweat) and finally gas (propane grills, boat steam). See if you can come up with examples of each!

Before you head out for some fun in the sun, consider these 6 ways to teach science at the beach. You will find that these ideas are simple, inexpensive, and most of all, fun!

Teach Science at the Beach

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