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Spring Is Back! Here Comes Fun Craft Activities for Children

Springtime is the perfect season for spending time outdoors with your children and exploring the natural world. There are so many fun and creative craft activities that you can do with your children this season to help them learn about nature, explore new materials, and create beautiful pieces of art. There are so many ways to have fun. With Betamo bonus, it’s a world of enjoyable moments that awaits you!

From paper crafts to painting and sculpture, there are plenty of craft projects that are perfect for kids of all ages. These craft activities are sure to provide hours of educational fun and foster a love of creativity in the children!

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a great outdoor activity for children to do in the spring. Get your children some binoculars and a bird guide to help them identify local bird species. Then head out to a park or nature trail and let your children enjoy the beauty of bird watching. 

Leaf Rubbings

Collect some leaves from your backyard and take them home to make leaf rubbings. Have your children lay the leaves on a piece of paper, then use crayons or colored pencils to make rubbings of the leaves. The result will be a beautiful piece of art that your children can proudly display. 

Flower Pressing

Collect some freshly bloomed flowers from your garden or take a walk in a nearby park and gather some wildflowers. Then, use some heavy books to press the flowers in between pieces of wax paper. After a few days, the flowers will be flattened and ready for your children to make cards, collages, or other decorative projects. 

Nature Sculptures

Gather a variety of natural materials such as rocks, twigs, pinecones, and acorns and have your children use them to create sculptures. They can make simple shapes or animals and use their imaginations to create beautiful pieces of art. 

Garden Stones

Take a walk around your neighborhood and look for small, flat stones. Once you have enough, bring them home and have your children decorate them with paint or markers. When the stones are dry, you can use them to decorate your garden.

Fairy Houses

Collect some sticks, stones, and other materials and create fairy houses in your backyard. Your children can use their imaginations to design and decorate the fairy houses, then sit back and watch as they come to life!

Flower Crowns

Gather some freshly bloomed flowers and use them to make beautiful flower crowns. Have your children string the flowers together using a thin piece of wire, then tie the ends together to make the crown.

Pressed Flower Art

Collect some freshly bloomed flowers and take them home to press. When they are dry, have your children arrange them on a piece of cardstock to create beautiful artwork.

Seed Bombs

Mix some clay, compost, and flower seeds together to make seed bombs. Then, have your children find an area in your backyard or a nearby park where they can throw the seed bombs and watch as their creations come to life.

Sun Prints

Collect some interesting objects from around your house or backyard and arrange them on a piece of paper. Then, lay the paper in direct sunlight for a few minutes and watch as the sunlight creates a beautiful piece of art.

Nature Collages

Gather some leaves, twigs, and other natural materials and use them to create a nature collage. Have your children arrange the materials on a piece of cardstock and use glue or tape to hold them in place.

Tree Bark Rubbing

Take a walk around your neighborhood and look for trees with interesting bark. Have your children use pencils and crayons to make rubbings of the bark and then use the rubbings as part of a nature collage.

Insect Safari

Look for bugs on a nature walk and use magnifying glasses to observe them up close. Have your children draw the bugs they find and then use the drawings to create artwork.

Flower Pot Painting

Collect some empty flower pots and have your children use paint or markers to decorate them. When they’re finished, you can use the flower pots to plant flowers in your backyard. 

Paper Flowers

Cut a variety of shapes out of construction paper and have your children assemble them to create paper flowers. Once the flowers are finished, you can use them to decorate your home or give them as gifts. T

These craft activities will provide endless hours of fun and creative exploration for your children this spring. So gather your materials, get outside, and have a blast!

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