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Busy Moms Sanity Saving Tips for Summer Break This Year

Summer break is stressful. Yes, we love having our kiddos home and getting to spend the fun time with them, without homework and early mornings. But it is also stressful and us moms need to take control of these three months to save our sanity and keep the summer fun. Here are some of my favorite tips for summer break.

Tips for Summer Break

Tips To Make Summer Break More Relaxing and Fun for Busy Moms

Summer is here and that means school is out and your house is likely a lot louder than it was a few weeks ago. I love summer break, we get to loosen up on schedules and even bedtimes, we take lots of adventures together and make incredible family memories. However, the summer break can also push me to the edge of a mommy meltdown on most days.

Kids are fighting, there are extra meals to prep, extra cleaning to do, and everyone seems to be bored on the one day we stay in despite the thousands of toys making this house burst at the seams. Not to mention, as a work at home mom, I have to schedule work time into the chaos, which would be why I am sitting here right now in a dark but blissfully silent home with my laptop and a cup of tea, writing. Some may think sleeping would be a better option as the night hours turn into the morning, but for me, this is caring for my soul.

Family Tips for Summer Break

5 Tips for Summer Break

Have a Plan!

Before summer break started, I tried to come up with a basic plan of what we would try to accomplish over the summer, what trips we would be taking, and a list of go-to meal ideas. I did an extra-large grocery shopping the day before school let out and stocked up on all the necessities so that shopping trips throughout the summer break would be lighter. I also did a full house cleaning so that I could simply work on maintaining it during the summer. Prepping and planning for summer break allows you to jump into summer-ready for all the fun that the sunny days have in store for you.

Chores for Everyone!

Create a list of chores for everyone in your household, or designate a room for each person as you clean each day. With the house fuller all day, there are more dishes to be washed, the bathroom gets dirty faster, and with all the fun usually comes extra laundry. Make everyone pitch in and do their part to keep the house running smoothly, so you can get out and have fun faster.

Eat Outside!

I love to eat outside whenever the weather allows. We eat on the back patio, ride our bikes to the park and pack a lunch, or pack an easy dinner and eat at the beach as the sun starts to set and the air gets a little cooler. Having a picnic is fun for the kids and minimizes cleanup.

Have a Few Easy Go-To Places Your Family Loves!

There will be days when everyone just wants to get out of the house and you have nothing planned. Keep a few places in mind that are simple outings that you can grab your keys and go. For us, we have two playgrounds within biking distance from our house that the kids love and a local beach that has a playground and a nature museum within a 10-minute drive. Those are my, “I need to get them out of this house now!” places.

Take time for yourself!

It is just as important to take time for yourself during the summer months as it is during the hustle and bustle of the school year. If not more important because the laid back schedule often breads chaos and you need to revive your soul so that you can keep going for your little ones. For me, my “me time” is after everyone has had their breakfast and gotten dressed for the day, I send the kids out back to play or off to watch a show or read a book while I shut my bedroom door, curl up in my chair and sip a cup of my favorite tea. I let any stress fade away and I allow myself to completely relax. During the school year, I often do this at night once the kids are in bed, however with summer break I usually have to schedule work into my nightly schedule which means I need to find time to escape in the midst of the chaos. Taking time to myself during the day is extremely important for my sanity and keeps my mommy brain working.

Busy Moms Tips for Summer Break

Are you ready for summer break?

Free Summer Break Printable Planner

My first tip was to “Have a Plan”, well I have you covered on that front!  Check out this fun 8-page Summer Schedule and Planner, that will keep the kids on task and help you come up with fun ideas to keep the kids busy and help you relax and make memories as a family.

Page 1: Weekly Schedule, with a box for each day or of the week, and a place for appointments and chores.
Page 2: Summer Theme of the Day, offers you a fun theme for each weekday including; Craft Project, Water Play, Learning Time, Baking Day, and Family Outing.
Pages 3-7: Daily Theme Ideas, I came up with 13 fun ideas to go along with each theme day, so you will always have a fun idea when the kids start saying they are bored.
Page 8: Summer Chore Chart, a quick and colorful checklist to keep everyone helping out around the house.  Use this each day without reprinting it by placing it in a plastic sheet protector and use a dry erase marker to have your kiddos cross off their tasks each day, and then simply wipe it down at night.

Beach Themed Summer Schedule Printable Pack

Printable Summer Schedule Planner

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  1. Summer time just ended for us over here. School’s about to start in about two weeks. But I agree with your tips. Summer is definitely a time that I get to have more me time. And me time over tea is just perfect!

  2. These are some really great tips for when summer hits. I know our break starts at the end of this week and I really need to find something to keep my sanity.

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