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Get Back to School Ready with These 6 Must Have Products!

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6 Must Have Products

I still can’t believe it’s back to school season already.  I swear I blinked and the entire summer break flew by!  With the new school year comes back to school shopping for endless school supplies, new clothes, and a shopping cart full of tissues, antibacterial wipes, printer paper, and whatever else the teachers add to their wish list, to keep all these kids learning all year.  Back to school time can be busy and school shopping easily becomes stressful, so it’s easy to understand why most of us moms forget about stocking up on some great things for at home that will make our back to school routine a lot smoother.


With the help of Babbleboxx I have compiled a list of 5 items you need to add to your back to school shopping list, like now!

1) Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug. With back to school season, comes sports season for my family, which means I am running from schools to fields all afternoon.  The smart technology of Wemo Mini Smart Plug is perfect for busy families, simply plug it into the wall, download the free app, connect the Wemo to your Wi-Fi and you can remotely control your lights and appliances.  The Wemo is also perfect for nights when moms not home, they may try to push Grammy for one more book, but I can remotely turn off their lights and they know mom says it is bedtime.  

With promo code WEMOmommyhoodlife you can save 20% off a Wemo Mini now through Sept 30th 2017 here!

2) Zoono GermFree24 Hand Sanitizer, I swear the kids bring home germs faster than they bring home those huge packets of forms we need to fill out. Zoono GermFree24 Hand Sanitizer is a water-based antibacterial hand sanitizer that is a must buy for us this year.  It does not rub off and remains active on the skin’s surface through hand washing and sweating which is important for active kids like mine, plus it comes in both a foam and sprays version.  I am putting one by the front door, in the car, and in my bag.

3) Snip-its Tangy Apple 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo, Morning Miracle Mousse Styling Spray & Silly Slicker Ultimate Sculpting Gel. With summer coming to an end, the pool no longer counts as bath time and hosing the kids off with a sprinkler isn’t an option.  The kids are ready for stylish hairstyles and the Snip-its Haircuts for Kids’ line of professional kid’s hair products are amazing!

These products are made to be gentle on kid’s hair, skin, and eyes.  Plus, they all smell incredible!  We have been using them every day, and they are keeping our hair washing and styling stress-free.  You can shop Snip-its hair care line here.

4) OOLY Fun School Supplies. Between homework and all the forms, you will be filling out it’s a great time to stock up on some fun pencils and pens.  I love OOLY’s products, they make everyday mundane items fun and colorful!  We are currently obsessed with both their Jumbo Brights Neon Colored Pencils and the Yummy Yummy Yummy Scented Gel Pens.  OOLY also has a great line of 2-in-1 Flip Side Notebooks to keep all your events and projects organized.  Plus, the Mighty Zipper Pouch is perfect for storing everything!  Shop these cute school supplies here and save 15% Off Orders of $35 or more plus Free Shipping in Continental U.S. and get a Free OOLY Eraser with promo code: ready.


5) Teal Duck Tape®. We use Duck Tape for everything in my house.  It’s no longer the ugly silver tape found in your dad’s garage.  It now comes in an endless array of colors and designs and can be used to decorate practically anything, including school folders and pencils and more.  Check out all the great ideas Duck Tape® Makers™ have come up with here.

6) Pure Growth Organics. Between lunch box snacks, after-school snacks, and sports practice snacks, my kids go through a ton of snacks!  I love all the snacks that Pure Growth Organics offers, the kids say they are delicious and the ingredients keep me happy.  Animal Crackers, White Cheddar Popcorn, and Crispy Rice Squares are a staple in our cabinets.  Take a look at all these organic snack options and save 20% with promo code 2020BABBLE.

Have your kids started this school year yet?  If not it’s coming fast!  Which item are you excited to try first?

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  1. Many new ideas I have never seen before. My boys love scented pens and pencils!

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