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Let’s Start a NERF Battle Holiday Tradition

This post is sponsored by Hasbro, but all opinions are my own!

Are you tired of all the screen time in your house?  I definitely am!  My kids are using laptops all day in school, then doing homework on the computer, and after all the work is done the first thing they reach for is another device to unwind and play on.  So this year I am on the hunt for Christmas gifts that get them up off the couch and interacting with each other, and NERF blasters are the perfect solution!

Give the Gift of a NERF Battle this Holiday Season!

Holiday shopping is in full swing and the toy rush is unlike any holiday season that we’ve experienced in the past, but one thing that is still the same, kids (and kids at heart) love a good NERF Battle!  There is a top toy, NERF Blaster on the shelves at Walmart this season, and it is sure to create smiles under the tree and laughter in the backyard!  

NERF Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip 32 Blaster

The NERF Flip 32 Blaster is a fun option that will definitely keep your opponents guessing, with its seamless flip barrel they won’t know when you’re out of darts!  Features include:

  • 32 barrels (16 facing front and 16 facing back)
  • A back-to-back barrel that is quick and easy to rotate
  • No batteries are required!  This is a hand-powered blaster that is easy to use, just pull the handle and the barrels will flip.
  • Element of surprise! Just when everyone thinks you are out, you can flip to a fully loaded barrel and take the competition by storm.
  • Eyewear is recommended (not included)

Doesn’t this Blaster sound amazing?  My kids can tell you that it definitely is!  

Now it’s time to create a NERF battle this year!  Now comes the hard part, picking who you will get the NERF Flip 32 Blaster for this holiday season.  My vote would be to get one for everyone on your list!  Think about the epic NERF Battle that your family can have on Christmas morning, with Blasters featuring a cool surprise barrel flipping action that opponents won’t see coming.  That will surely leave a lasting memory!  

Are you ready to create a fun family Battle?  Well, IT’S NERF OR NOTHING so parents make sure you head to your nearest Walmart, or beat the crowds and use their Online Pickup and Delivery service to get all your NERF gifts this year.  I use the Walmart app constantly for both everyday necessities and getting all my holiday shopping done and now I can’t imagine getting it all done without the convenience of their pick-up options.

Tips for Creating an Epic NERF BATTLE

NERF Battles are a great way to get the family together and have some fun friendly competition.  Here are a few tips to keep your Battle friendly and make it a little more unique.

  • Safety first, make sure everyone knows the rules.  Do not aim at eyes or face, and remember that small parts are often part of the game so this competition is meant for children 8 years or older.
  • Build alliances to increase the competition.  Create teams or pairs to battle against each other, for large teams you can grab solid colored shirts for each team that are very affordable at Walmart.
  • Designate a “Battle Zone”, for my family it is the backyard because it’s fenced in but still has areas to hide and enough room to run.
  • Set up Barriers and Walls in your Battle Zone, if these are holiday gifts then let the kids use up all those empty boxes and some tape to create interesting shelters and hiding spots.
  • Make sure everyone’s NERF Blaster is fully loaded, stock up on Darts, Rounds, and Discs.
  • Set up Safe spots if you’re playing with younger kids, or You’re Out Spots using sidewalk chalk or masking tape.
  • Create a tradition, why not make this a yearly event?  Keep score and see who wins each year, don’t worry, when the time comes the kids will remember who won last year.

With this new NERF Blaster and some creativity, there’s no doubt that this year will be your best ever NERF battle! I can’t wait to hear how you make your holiday NERF battles unique.

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