My Top Mommy Must Haves To Keep Our Days Going Smooth!

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My Top Mommy Must-Haves To Keep Our Days Going Smooth!

Being a mom is hard. Yes, it is the best job in the world, but let’s face it, it’s also the hardest. Today alone my children have fought with each other about everything and anything down to who looked at the other one first, one felt sick to his stomach, another fell off his bike and the drop of blood that fell from his knee was surely going to require a surgeon, plus my oldest came home muddy, wet, and stinky from baseball. Motherhood is rough guys! But I also got at least 1,000 sweet little kisses, lot’s of “I love you”’s, and some extra long snuggles, so at the end of it all, it was the best kind of day.

However, like any job us moms need tools on hand, an arsenal of products to help fix all the little mishaps that happen throughout the day and things to keep us going through our busy days. Luckily all my mommy must-haves are at Walmart, so I am able to stock up on them quickly and easily. Plus, they are from JOHNSON’S®, a brand I trust. My parents used JOHNSON’S® and so did my grandparents, so I like buying from a brand that has always worked.


First and foremost, adhesive bandages! My mother once told me “you can never have too many adhesive bandages in the house when raising little men” and she was right. I have half a dozen boxes all over my house at any given time, they fix 99% of the boo-boo’s my kids get. Even when they are not truly needed, they can stop tears, when the boo-boo’s are real we also love BAND-AID® Brand First Aid HURT-FREE® Antiseptic Wash. It kills the germs.

Children’s Tylenol® is another product I always have on hand. You never know when your little one will wake up in the middle of the night with a fever, and no one wants to be running around finding a 24-hour pharmacy in the wee hours of the morning.
Adult Tylenol® is also always in my medicine cabinet because moms don’t get a lot of downtime and after a car ride full of kids on cheerleading carpool day, a headache more than likely.

My absolute favorite bath product is JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Baby Bath, I have had a constant stockpile of this since I was pregnant with my oldest over 12 years ago! It smells amazing while getting them clean, plus it is the perfect way to help them unwind from a long and fun day. This is a must-have for our bedtime routine, and I’ve even stolen it out of their bathroom for myself on particularly long days. The lavender like smell is so calming.


After using the bedtime wash, I use the same scent of JOHNSON’S® Baby oil gel with lavender because my kids have extra dry skin. This leaves their skin soft and smooth and the scent is amazing when they come in for late night cuddles.

Now that we live in Florida, sunblock is always in all our bags and on the kitchen counter. I like NEUTROGENA® wet skin kids because it goes on super easy and I can apply it when their skin is wet and dry.

We also keep JOHNSON’S® hand & face wipes in our bags. These soft and convenient wipes help wipe away 95% of dirt and germs, we use these all day long!
We’ve been having a lot of those really long nights lately with Anthony’s cough. So VISINE® is another item that is always stocked in my house. It gets the red out of my eyes so that no one knows I feel like a walking zombie.

Lastly, I always have a great AVEENO® body wash on hand, particularly the AVEENO® Positively Radiant® Exfoliating Body Wash. This may not help with my kids daily routine but it helps me relax for a moment and replenish myself so that I can keep mending boo-boos and receiving sweet little kisses. Us moms need to steal moments for ourselves to help rejuvenate our spirit so we can keep giving back to our families and I love how AVEENO® makes my skin feel.


What are your mommy must-haves to keep your house running smooth?

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  1. No doubt that motherhood is difficult, yet the best job ever! Johnson’s brand products have always been a trusted brand. One can definitely never have enough band-aids! I’m interested in that Hurt-Free Antiseptic Wash!

  2. I have 5 kids and I must have about 10 boxes of Bandaids in our house alone, not counting my first aid kits in my car. I always keep in stock Aloe, it works great on everything from sunburns and you can use it as a scalp conditioner to help relive dry scalp.

  3. My must haves (I don’t have kids) are caffeine and snacks! I get hangry easily…LOL!!

  4. These are definitely must-haves, I know that we have them in our home. Especially for the boo-boo’s!

  5. I’m going to have to save this article for when I get blessed into mommyhood! These are such great tips and I know I will be needing them to survive everyday!

  6. Our kid’s safety is in our hand. I have some of these items, like the bandages. Love this list! It covers everything that is needed in a daily life.

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