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How to Stop Yelling and Become a Calm Mom

Womanhood has always been challenging, and no wonder why, equally complicated as parenting. Recall your childhood experiences, and think of all the times your mom yelled at you, and you felt miserable as a child. Right? So let’s talk about how to be a calm mom!

How to be a calm mom

Now think of your kids, try to put yourself in their shoes, and relate the things between them and your childhood experiences in a similar situation. As a kid, it is natural to feel unjustified and bad if your mother keeps yelling like you are supposed to behave with all the maturity.

I know you might be feeling a sense of guilt. And guess what? Something needs to be fixed here!

How to be a Calm Mom

Of all the lessons and tips on anger management for moms that you might have previously heard of, there is no earmarked method that you can blindly follow to get it right. What matters is how deep your understanding goes, and how you apply it to your real life.

Ask yourself, how correct is it to yell at your kid all the time without even bothering about the consequences of it? How often do you really care about the impact that yell or a sudden burst of anger can have on your child’s behavior?

Since there is no universal guide on how to be a calm mom, let’s take the discussion on a personal level and have a deeper insight!

Talk to experienced mums!

What do you usually do when you are stuck at something you never faced before, feel all messy and absolutely clueless about everything going around, you lookout for some help, right?

You may make sure that you reach out to the right person who can help you with their personal experience and give the wisest advice on the matter!

The same thing goes with parenting as well. Look around, you may find a lot of people who are doing wonderful at parenting their kids.

These are the people you need to reach out to learn how to be a calm mom and take things easy. Sit beside them, talk your problems out, and be honest with everything you share with them.

Sometimes we get so lost into the problems that we forget to look at other perspectives that may co-exist from a whole different view. In such a situation, moms who have gone

through the stages you are currently at can understand you better and give you some real tips that can help you to become calmer and an ideal parent. Experience is a big deal and what else can work better than real-life advice from an experienced person!

Open the surroundings for some fresh air

What was the last time you made a way to nature and let it calm you down?

Among various other healing forces, nature is the biggest healer with so many benefits that can do wonders to uplift your emotional situation and even your physical state.

Do you ever realize when you are inside, at your home, you live in the same monotony and your mind and body have to work even harder to keep you going?

A lot of people believe that spending some quality time in the lap of nature and engaging yourself in activities like gardening and cleaning around is a powerful stress buster and can easily make your mood all good!

Experts say that the more time you spend in nature, the more you can help yourself to relieve stress and anxiety. No wonder why it can improve your mood and make you have some space to reflect upon yourself. This is the time when you need to take a moment and a step back, think for a while about how you can be a calm parent and do better at parenting.

Work on your voice tone

So chances are that you might’ve just struck at something that has nothing to do with your anger. If you’re on the same page, then yes…. you got it right. We are talking about your tone of voice.

It’s natural to feel agitated and have a bad tone while you’re mad at someone. But remember, this someone isn’t any other person but your little darling!

Just take a moment and think, why does your child react wildly whenever you both face conflict and you get angry with them? Is it the thing you scolded them for, things you said to them, or something else?

Well, most of the time it’s the voice tone that makes the situation worse. And yelling is something that can be heard above every other noise. The way to the key understanding of how to be a calm mom lies right here! You just need to improve your voice tone, keep some patience, and say things calmly. You might be wondering about it right now but just this little adjustment can change the outcomes and help you with your anger issues!

Hug them tight!

Sometimes, those little lovely moments are the ones that can fix the most adverse situations. Wrap your arms around your little ones and make them feel how much you love them, and do not want to get mad at them at all.

Being a mother, it’s natural to stay concerned about your kids and you may even end up messing the stuff, but expressing your love towards your children can be the most precious thing to them.

Everyone wants to be loved, and children are no exception. Express your unconditional love, look straight into their eyes and hug them tight. It can make your child feel more secure than anything else!

Take care of yourself!

Last but not the least, don’t forget to take good care of yourself. Of course, that’s too a priority but that’s related to what we’re discussing here.

It is important to take care of our loved ones, but how can you make them happy if you cannot find happiness within yourself?

It takes you to become a happy mom to be able to spread happiness and love among your loved ones. Their life and everything around depends on us to a greater extent and there is no denying in that. Just think to yourself, if you are not well and happy with yourself, how can you take proper care of them? Exactly!

So make sure that you treat yourself as a priority, take very good care of yourselves, and of course, be a better person in and out!

I really hope that this article gave you valuable insights on how to be a calm mom and stop yelling. Further, I would love to know what techniques you guys use to hold yours when you feel frustrated. Let’s discuss in the comments!

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