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5 Reasons to Subscribe to Melon’s House Party Podcast for Kids Today!

This is a sponsored campaign to bring awareness to Melon’s House Party Podcast, as always all opinions are my own.

We all love podcasts, right?  I am constantly listening to them in the car and while I clean the house, I feel like it’s such an entertaining way to learn about new things.  However I never thought about podcasts for my kids before hearing about Melon’s House Party, and now we are all hooked!

Melon’s House Party Podcast

Kids love listening to stories, don’t they? Melon’s House Party Podcast for kids is a unique way for the kiddos in your life to enjoy engaging and entertaining stories. Plus, the episodes are packed with great original songs that will have your kids dancing all over the house, or if you live in the south like me, stream the podcast through a bluetooth speaker and they can dance outside.

5 Reasons You and Your Kids will Love Melon’s House Party Podcast

  • Screen-free activity! The kids will get to use their imagination while listening to the story.
  • Upbeat and unique Music throughout each episode that will have everyone dancing and smiling.
  • Melon’s House Party releases a new episode every Wednesday, so there is a fresh story to entertain the kids consistently.
  • Melon’s House Party Podcast is family-friendly!  You can set it to play on the speaker in the playroom while you load the dishes or switch the laundry without worrying about the kids hearing something inappropriate.
  • Podcasts are great for car rides, and with each episode lasting 30 minutes, it is perfect for school drop-off lines!  What a fun and upbeat way for the kiddos to start the day, instead of the usual boringly endless school car line.

If your kids are like mine, the music will be the main focus.  My twins are constantly breaking out into dance party mode whenever a song comes on, especially when they have their cousins with them.  They will listen to the episodes several times and when their favorite song comes on, it is time for them to show off their dance moves.

After being sucked into an endless screentime routine over the last year or so, Melon’s House Party has definitely added a fun upbeat energy to our daily routine.

Are you ready to try out this cool podcast for kids? It is available on most podcast streaming services, check it out here.

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