5 Tips for Staying Organized During the Holidays

This is the season of holiday cheer, giving, and spreading love, but with all the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, it can be hard to stay organized. If your home is in chaos and you’re wondering how to get things under control, take a look at these 5 tips for staying organized during the holidays.

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The holidays can be a chaotic time, but with these tips, you can stay organized and enjoy the season!

Tips for Staying Organized During the Holiday Season

Create all the lists:  You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to stay on top of things when you’re not trying to remember everything at once. With just one quick glance, you can see what’s left and jump right in without any confusion or double-checking.  I create a master list, a cooking/ingredients list, a gift-giving list, and an events list that need to be put on the calendar.  I clearly love lists.

Make a Digitial Gift List on Your Phone:  While you’re brainstorming your shopping list open your notes section on your phone and create a list of everyone you need to buy for, then as you shop type in what gifts you already bought.  If you have multiple kids and are trying to keep gifts equal, this is a must.  I used to just pick things up along the way without keeping track of everything and I always ended up with a pile of things to return or needing to run out to grab something small for one of the kiddos.  Keeping an ongoing list on my phone prevents me from overspending or buying duplicates.

Create a designated spot for all the holiday supplies:  We have all sat down to wrap gifts only to have to start hunting for tape or scissors, right?  Tell me it’s not just me.  Now I keep all my wrapping supplies in a corner of my office and my kids know that if they touch scissors in my “crafting” area my head might explode.  I also keep all my baking supplies on a cart in the kitchen instead of tucking them away in a cabinet, this might not be for the more minimalistic folks who like everything in its place, but for me, it keeps everything within arms reach, I don’t need to hunt for sprinkles or extract that somehow ended up in the back of a cabinet, and I know immediately if I am running low on essentials like flour or baking powder.

Label Everything!:  Use Name Bubbles Labels to organize your holiday decorations, food, and other belongings. This will make it easy to find what you are looking for and put everything away when the season is over.  I label our holiday mugs so that the kids don’t fight over who left their hot cocoa mug on the table.  I also label everyone gloves, ice skates, and Santa hats.  As my kids have gotten older everything has become a fight over whose is whose because they are all so close in size, but thanks to Name Bubbles finding everyone’s items on the way out the door has been a lot smoother.

Why I Choose Name Bubbles Labels

Name Bubbles offers labels for everything you could need to stay organized all year round.  They have dishwasher safe labels, laundry safe clothing labels, labels you can write on and so much more.  Plus they have countless design options to choose from like fun dinosaur and cupcake themes that are great for kiddos that are heading back to daycare after the holidays.  I was impressed with the first pack of labels I purchased from Name Bubbles, and now I can’t stop labeling everything.  

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Set Up for Next Year as You Pack Up:  After all the work you put into decorating and the exhaustion from cooking, cleaning, shopping, and hosting, it can be hard to find any excitement over putting all your holiday stuff away.  However, if you pack it all up nicely, in one place, with everything labeled you will be grateful when the holidays approach again next year.  You won’t find a missing bin of decorations halfway through the season or need to search for lights, everything will be ready to go up.

I hope these tips help minimize some of your stress this holiday season and keep you organized going into the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

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