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20 Magic Eraser Uses and Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

With 3 kids, I always have Magic Erasers in my cleaning cabinet.  There are endless ways to use them and I am sharing my favorite magic eraser uses.

new Magic Eraser Uses and hacks

New Magic Eraser Uses and Hacks

Magic Erasers have been known to get some of the toughest stains, grease, and grime. Magic Erasers can be bought online, found at drugstores, and supermarkets every day. They are very affordable to purchase and can be used in so many different situations, I highly recommend keeping a few handy, in case you are in a bind. 

One thing with Magic Erasers is they can be a little abrasive, so make sure you test a spot in certain areas to ensure they will not harm your walls, counters, or products you are cleaning. To use the magic eraser, you simply get it wet, and start wiping away and cleaning!


Magic Eraser Tips and Tricks

Stained Tupperware

Have sloppy joes or spaghetti and find that tomato-based sauce stained your Tupperware. Simply grab a wet magic eraser and start cleaning it away!

Wine Glasses

If you are hosting a party, label each wine glass with a permanent marker and when you are done, wipe it away with your magic eraser!

Scuff Marks and Crayons

This is one way to really put the eraser to work, it does a great job removing scuff marks. This works for floors, walls, baseboards, and more. Just wet the sponge and start to scrub and watch the marks disappear! I used this on crayon marks on the wall, and it removed it really well.

Removes Permanent Markers

If you got a permanent marker on your counter, fridge, or other hard surfaces, try your magic eraser to wipe away the marker.

Dry Erase Boards

Sometimes you can see the leftover writing on those white dry erase boards. The magic eraser works great in removing those leftover letters you can’t fully get off.

Coffee Stains on Mugs

Coffee and tea stain, and if you find your coffee cup has some stains, use the eraser to wipe away the marks.

Sticker Residue

If you find that you have a stuck-on sticker or residue, grab your magic eraser to remove it all. Just wet and rub until it is all gone.

Hair Color Stains

If you color your hair at home and drip color on the floor or counter, use the eraser to get rid of the hair dye stains.

Dried Paint

Make a little mess and get some on hinges or the floor. Let the paint dry completely and then wipe away with the eraser to remove the stuck-on paint.


Mow the lawn and find you have grass stains on your shoes, grab your magic eraser to clean the sides of your shoes.

Bathroom Faucets

Find you have some soap scum or water spots, the eraser works great in removing those stains in a flash.


Have you ever had a spot of rust in the shower from your shaving cream, use a magic eraser to help remove the rust stains.

Dried Bugs on Windshield

Have a few bugs stuck on the windshield of your car, try your eraser. Works great at removing the hard stuck on bugs.

Clean Mirrors

This surprisingly does an amazing job cleaning mirrors and is great for bathrooms. If you clean your mirrors with this, it will prevent them from fogging after a shower.

Spot Clean Carpet

I highly recommend testing before you jump in. But you can spot clean stains on the carpet. Just wet sponge and blot area to try and pull up the stain.

Microfiber Furniture

Again test an area where you can’t see. But it can remove stains on microfiber furniture. Just wet and wipe away stains.

Clean Pool Liners

If you have a pool liner that has some algae, use the eraser to help get rid and prevent more algae from growing.

Plastic Patio Furniture

Find your patio furniture is a bit dull after setting all winter, freshen and clean your plastic furniture with your eraser.

Cooked On Stains on Bakeware

Cook a casserole and find you have cooked on stains or black marks, use your eraser to wipe it away. This is great for the buildup of stains that have happened over time.

Oven Cleaner

Have a dish spillover or just have a bit of a messy oven, use the magic eraser to clean up your oven. Beats those harsh chemical sprays that are strong smelling.

New Magic eraser Uses

Now that your house is sparkling clean from these magic eraser hacks, let’s tackle the laundry pile with these Laundry Hacks!

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  1. Guess I am going to have to stock up on some erasers to do some cleaning around my home. Many of these things I didn’t know they would clean.

  2. I have a huge carton of Magic Erasers at home. I had no idea I could do so many things with them! I am going to be a Magic Eraser Ninja. Thank you for sharing. I also pinned this, so others can get your awesome hacks. 🙂

  3. I’m a huge fan of the magic eraser. Normally, I’d be skeptical of a product advertising itself with the word magic. But every time I use one, I go, “Well gosh darn, this is magic!”

  4. I always have a Magic Eraser in the house. I just love it! I’ll have to try some of these. I am going to try it on my carpet. There are some stains I can’t seem to get out.

  5. Oh wow, why I just learned about this? Definitely a big hack and help for everyone. Indeed an awesome creation and innovation.

  6. I never would have though of half of these. Love the permanent marker hack. Need to use this one right now

  7. I use magic erasers for just about everything! They are amazing! I don’t know how we lived without them!

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