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Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Luxurious and Elegant

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Your bathroom is not just used for personal hygiene activities; it is ideally an area in your house where you start and end your day. Whether big or small, this can be your safe space for unwinding with a hot shower after a long and hectic day. With less square footage, a small bathroom has its challenges when decorating and optimizing space. However, the good news is that you can remodel and make smart upgrades to utilize the most out of this small space. Your small bathroom can be transformed into a more relaxing spa-like space just by making a few efforts. 

Here detailed are some ideas that can help you make your small bathroom look luxurious and elegant:  

Upgrading Shower for a Luxurious Feel

The shower area takes up most of the space in any bathroom. The shower area can be transformed or remodeled to enhance the bathroom style and give it a luxurious feel. It typically includes steps such as going for a glass partition in the shower area, painting the walls, installing a new shower head, and installing a shower niche or shelf. This upgrade may seem lengthy, involving frequent market trips and heavy budgets. However, it can be done easily with the expert assistance of a top replacement shower company in a hassle-free manner. 

Be Selective in Bathroom Layout and Finishes 

Be very selective while deciding on the bathroom faucet finishes, tiles, marbles, or layout for your bathroom. Take your time. Multiple finishes can be added in contrast, provided they look good together. Choose the color scheme wisely and what appeals to your senses and aesthetics. 

Dark shades like blacks and reds add a splash of color and create a cozy look, whereas lighter shades like whites, greys, and creams can make the bathroom look neat and spacious. Adding marble to the vanity area, shower, floor, or cabinets is associated with elegance and are easy to clean. 

If going for tiles on the flooring, high gloss tiles in different patterns, like graphic tiles, add depth and visual interest. Simple tiles in light shades also make the bathroom look seamless and bigger. Whatever layout you choose, make sure that lighting and accessories complement the selected finishes to achieve a complete signature look for the bathroom. 

Get Better Light Fixtures 

Lighting is pivotal in making your small bathroom look bigger, brighter, and airy. Choosing the right light fixtures for your bathroom can go a long way in making your bathroom look neat and welcoming. Special attention must be paid to safety in addition to aesthetics and functionality, as a bathroom is a place that is mostly moist. Try alternating between ambiance, accent, and task lighting in your bathroom. Ambiance lighting will cater to the overall lighting, and accent lighting will highlight any chosen area.

In contrast, task lighting will be used when you have to perform specific tasks like applying makeup, making your hair, getting ready, or shaving, etc. This layering approach is best for smaller bathrooms to create a gentler, more pleasant ambiance and can be easily achieved through dimmers and individual circuits. The vanity area can receive extra lighting, like under the vanity mirror or inside the mirrored cabinets. Instead of ceiling lights, vertical lights are also more functional and stylish. 

Pay More Attention to the Accessories

Bathroom accessories, including mirrors, towel racks, soap dishes, liquid soap dispensers, hangers, hooks, holders for toothbrushes, and toilet paper, are an important part of any functional and comfortable bathroom. Their main purpose is to ease the overall daily hygiene routine. Still, if chosen wisely and placed aesthetically, they can also serve as decorative elements adding to the space’s interior design. While selecting these accessories, careful attention should be paid to the overall scheme so these blend nicely with everything else in the bathroom. A big, especially wall-to-wall mirror can be added to create a look of spaciousness.

Adorn Your Bathroom

Besides the main bathroom accessories,  you can experiment with decorative candles, a vase with fresh flowers, a cosmetics holder, or an oil diffuser to add to the overall ambiance. These simple and small fixtures can make your bathroom look more elegant. Going vertically goes well with smaller spaces. Placing artwork on the wall shows your artistic taste and adds more color. Potted plants can be kept on shelves or corners where they receive little sunlight. Choose plants that thrive in a bathroom environment, and give the bathroom a greener look, absorb excess moisture, and purify the air. 

Moreover, you can consider adding beautiful wicker pieces in the bathroom. Wicker can survive in high moisture areas and is quite durable. Wicker baskets can be used to keep dirty clothes in your bathroom. Also, they look good, if placed aesthetically in the corners. 

The floor mat must be an important part of the overall accessory package of your bathroom. Whether you use a fluffy and absorbent bath mat or a door mat near the bathroom door to protect your feet from excessive wetness and cold, both add utility and decoration to your bathroom. All these things will add a rich texture to the overall look of your bathroom and make it appear luxurious and elegant. 

Keep the Bathroom Clutter-Free

Unnecessary clutter can make any bathroom, big or small, look untidy and congested. Decluttering the bathroom can be easily managed by installing storage options, including shelves, shower corners, cabinets, and baskets. These items keep everything organized and properly stacked for a neat and spacious look. Cleaning materials must be placed inside a cabinet or in a vanity to ensure they remain out of sight. 

Concluding Thoughts

A bathroom interior design is as important as any other room of the house. Whether you want to leave a good impression on your guests using your front powder room or promote calmness and relaxation in your bathroom. The size of your bathroom does not matter. When done correctly, even a small bathroom can look luxurious and spacious.

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