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Ideas for Designing a Productive Study Space for Your Kids

Ideas for Designing a Productive Study Space for Your Kids

Just like we, adults, need a dedicated space for our work, our kids need a similar space where they can concentrate and study. Kids get overwhelmed much easier than us, not to mention how easy it is for them to get distracted. So, to make doing homework and studying for exams much easier for them, you should design a study space for your kids. Also, make sure to design a space where they feel safe and productive. So, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Add Plenty of Cool Shelves

Just because this corner or room is for studying, that doesn’t mean it should be boring. Boring spaces might put them off from studying as they will be bored and not feel motivated at all. To add some character to the space, you should pick shelves with some unique shapes. These can be hexagonal shelves, one big shelf that covers an entire wall in a few levels, or even something more unique. Additionally, besides adding a bookshelf, you should add space for their papers, and files, and don’t forget to leave some space for their toys. This can teach your kids to stay organized, and their favorite toys will provide a fun element to the study space. 

Wall Decor for Inspiration

Just like with shelves, you can provide a fun character to the seemingly boring space with wall art. What’s more, you can motivate your kids to study hard with the right colors and even some inspirational quotes. Adding bulletin boards to this study space can also greatly enhance its functionality and appeal. They can pin their important reminders, deadlines, or even some inspiring items. You can easily make a custom poster for your kids that will motivate them to work hard. It can be their favorite sentence, their favorite illustration, or anything else they might find motivating. Additionally, don’t forget to leave some space for them to hang their favorite projects, and diplomas or even hang a whiteboard in the study space so they can jot down their ideas or tasks. 

Add Greenery 

Another easy way to create a more conducive and comfortable study space is to add some indoor plants. There have been dozens of studies that have shown that plants can boost focus when studying. So, why not use them for their numerous benefits? You can easily add positive vibes to the study space with some succulents or even let your kid pick their own plants that they can take care of. And not only will those plants help with focus, but they will create a lively atmosphere and even purify the air. 

Don’t Forget a Splash of Color

As mentioned, a boring and sterile space will only make studying harder. To avoid such a gloomy outcome, you should add a splash of color to the study space. If you have a whole room at your disposal, create an accent wall that will draw attention and paint it with a bold and vibrant color. Other ways to add color to this space are to rely on colorful pots for plants, colorful cushions that also provide comfort, or even add those fun wall stickers into the mix. And if you allow your child to pick the colors they will enjoy their study space even more. 

Almost no child like studying and it is our job to make this a bit easier for them. Besides motivating them and helping them yourself, you can create a study space that will keep them productive and comfortable. Hopefully, these tips will help you get some great ideas, but just remember to keep the space fun, functional and comfy.

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