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Makeup Tips and Tricks and Hacks for Busy Moms

These makeup tips and tricks and hacks are going to make your life of makeup in minutes! 

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Makeup Tips and Tricks and Hacks

Below I am going to share some makeup tips, tricks and hacks, to make doing makeup a little bit easier.  You will find that if you are in a bind and need a quick fix, that one or two of these hacks will save the day! 

Makeup Tips To Try Out

Long-Lasting Lip Color 

Use a lip color that is proven to withstand the day.  I recently tried Lipsense after months of laughing off my friend’s recommendations, and now I can honestly say, I am OBSESSED!  I should have listened to my friends from the start!  I put the lip color on in the morning, and that is it, it stays on no matter how many cups of coffee I need to drink to get through the day.

Make Eyeshadow Pop

Use white eyeliner to cover your lid, and then apply your bold-colored eyeshadow to really make your color pop! 

False Lashes

Use the tip of a bobby pin to apply glue to false lashes. Let your glue get a little tacky before you apply it to your eyes.  When it comes to how to clean eyelash extensions, the first step is to make sure your eyes are free from any eye makeup. Taking off all eye makeup should be done delicately to prevent tugging or pulling at the lashes. Make sure you use oil-free makeup remover as it is important to use a cleanser that is specifically designed for cleansing eyelash extensions so as not to damage them. After applying the cleanser, use a small brush to work the product in between and around each lash. Finally, rinse your eyes with warm water and gently pat them dry with a soft cloth or cotton pad. Cleaning your eyelash extensions regularly will help keep them looking beautiful and natural. 


If you are like some of us and get mascara on your eyelid, grab a spoon! Put the spoon up to your eyelid, and then apply mascara, any mascara that would get on your eyelid will get on the spoon!

Dried Out Mascara 

If your mascara is getting a little dry here are two options to bring it back to life. 

  • Fill a cup with really hot water, and put your mascara in the cup and let it sit for 3 minutes to help warm up the mascara. 
  • Add a few drops of eye drops into your mascara and mix it around. It will make your mascara-less dry. 

Eye Lash Curler

If you curl your lashes, thing about warming up your curler first. If you turn your blow dryer on and let it warm it up, it will curl your lashes easily and it will make your lashes stay curled longer. 

Apply Bronzer in a 3 Shape

When you go to apply your bronzer, starting at your forehead temple, apply it in the shape of a 3. So hit the forehead, cheekbone, and jaw bone. It will look very flawless, just blend it out. 


Apply a little bit of highlighter or white eyeshadow right above your cupids bow. It will make your lips appear a little bit larger. 

Bags under Eyes 

If you have bags under your eyes, grab the Preparation H, apply a small amount under eyes. It will help lessen the bags, works like a charm. 

Oily Skin 

Head to the bathroom and grab a toilet seat cover and tear off a piece and blog your skin. It will pick up the excess oil, it is similar to the blotting paper you buy. I know that sounds weird but if you are in a bind it does work like a charm. 

Perfect Eye Shadow

Grab a small piece of tape and stick it on the outer corner of the eye and lay it at a diagonal, towards the end of your eyebrow. This will act as a guide, when you apply your eyeshadow, and give you a clean edge. When done applying eyeshadow remove the tape. 

Makeup Remover

If you are in a bind and need a makeup remover wipe, grab a baby wipe. It is gentle on the skin and works great at removing makeup in minutes

De-puff Eyes

Steep some green tea, and then take the leftover bags, and use those to reduce swelling. If you don’t use the tea bags right away, just store in a sandwich bag in the fridge. Then when ready to use, place a bag on each eye and let it sit for a few minutes. It will help reduce the swelling. 

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