5 Tips to Get Rid of Clutter Fast and Help Your Home Feel Welcoming

Are you having a hard time getting rid of clutter?  I have 5 tips to help you cut the clutter fast.

Tips to get rid of clutter fast

Top Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter Fast

Are you on a quest to clean out the clutter in your life? Do you need some assistance in finding a quick way to remove clutter from your home? Whether you live alone, with a spouse or with children, I have some tips for you to get rid of clutter fast. Below you will find some easy tips to help you get rid of clutter without blinking, too much.

How to Get Rid of Clutter Fast

Make Trash, Donate or Sell Pile

To begin with, you’ll need to make a pile for trash, donate or sell.  A donate pile will be for any items that you may be useful to another family in need. A sell pile will be for items that are in good shape and have value left to them. A trash pile will be for any items that obviously don’t fit in the sell or donate pile. This will help you get rid of clutter fast by not double thinking about an item, just toss it into a pile.   

When Did you Last use an Item?

The first super tip to getting rid of clutter fast is to ask yourself when you last used an item. If you haven’t touched an item in six months or more, it’s time to get rid of it. Go through all of your household items, clean out that closet, underneath the beds, and all cabinets. If you have to take time to think about when you last used something, it is considered trash, donate or sell. Get rid of it!

Does this Product Help you?

We tend to hang onto items picked up throughout life that really serve no purpose. When you truly want to get rid of clutter fast, you have to ask if this product helps your household at all. If the item in question cannot be used for something in the next six months, then it needs to be taken out of your house and assigned to a donate, sell or trash pile.

Have the Family Help

Have a discussion with members of your household about your mission to get rid of clutter fast. Let them know the rules as set above and have them help go through other rooms while you’re going through another room. This will help you get through the entire house quickly by using teamwork efforts to rid that clutter fast.

Can it have a Home?

Lastly, you will want to go through your leftover items that didn’t make it into your donate, sell or trash pile. These items are what you have unknowingly classified as “keep items”. Make sure that your leftover items have a specific place to reside within your home. Do not, under any circumstances, start putting all of your “keep items” back into closets or underneath beds. Find a home for each item.

Top tips to get rid of clutter fast

These tips to get rid of clutter fast are simple tips to truly help you rid that house of the clutter once and for all. I hope that these tips have inspired you to start your spring cleaning and remove that extra stuff from your home.  


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