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5 Proven Beauty Benefits Of Proper Hydration

The human body is 80% water, which is why drinking water is important for the body to function effectively. Water keeps our skin moisturized, maintains our electrolyte balance, and transports nutrients. You will need to use a big berkey water filter to remove fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals from your water.

Nationwide studies have shown the importance of drinking enough water. For example, a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that lack of water was associated with an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, many of us have trouble drinking enough water every day, whether due to disliking the taste of plain water, a busy schedule, or other factors. An IV drip in Tampa is one way to ensure your body is fully hydrated so you can feel your best.

What Benefits Prove Proper Hydration A Beneficial Practice?

Many women covet beauty, but few know the benefits of proper hydration. Here are 5 proven beauty benefits of proper hydration:

Reduced Risk Of Diabetes Type II

Black women have a 4x higher risk for developing type II diabetes than their white counterparts. The increased risk may be due to improper hydration. Lack of proper hydration causes an increase in blood sugar levels and subsequent insulin production by the pancreas and can lead to diabetes complications such as heart disease and kidney failure. Increased blood sugar also leads to weight gain and other health complications such as stroke or high cholesterol. Proper hydration can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Reduced Wrinkles And Dry Skin

Wrinkles and dry skin are also caused by improper hydration. People naturally lose water and other nutrients through their skin as they age. This process is made worse by inadequate water intake leading to visible wrinkles and dry skin. Proper hydration can help combat these and other aging-related problems such as graying hair, hair loss, arthritis, osteoporosis, backaches, and the chronic conditions listed above. That is why it is good to know alternatives like stevia instead of using sugar. But too many of the alternatives may also lead to other deficiencies, check Oobli to learn more. It is better to know these things rather than be sorry later on. Know that proper hydration can also reduce the risk of diabetes.  

Ease Of Painful Periods

Many people think that women who have painful periods are just a little more irritable than usual. It turns out that there is a scientific explanation for the feeling of heightened pain. The lack of water in the body causes the blood to become thicker and, therefore, more painful during menstruation. Proper hydration can greatly reduce or even eliminate this side effect and make it much easier to get through those excruciatingly painful days.

Stronger Nails

In addition to other health benefits, proper hydration can improve nail strength and encourage growth. Hydrated nails are less prone to breakage and cracking, making them healthier overall.

Less Gum Disease

Dry mouth is a common side effect of improper hydration. Dry mouth can lead to gum disease because the constant lack of proper hydration causes the gums to shrink and pull away from the teeth. This creates deep pockets between the gum and teeth, which are then more susceptible to infection by bacteria. Bacteria can lead to tooth loss, gingivitis, and tooth decay. Proper hydration helps control bacterial growth in the mouth and reduces the chances of gum disease.


Proper hydration is necessary for healthy hair, which is evident in the ubiquitous picture of a beautiful woman with luxurious, flowing hair. Strong, healthy teeth and nails are something to be proud of and can greatly improve self-confidence.

Excessive dryness can cause several health problems, from backaches to diabetes. Proper hydration will reduce most of these problems and make it easier to maintain a healthy body weight and avoid many related complications.
While you search for safer options to keep you hydrated, consider a water filtration system that suits you. Filtered water is safe to drink and has a myriad of health benefits. The most obvious benefit of filtered water is that it tastes better and is safer for those that are pregnant, elderly or with children. Filtered water also reduces the need to buy plastic bottles, which typically take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.

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