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24 Fun and Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Printable Adoption Certificate

Remember when we didn’t have to come up with crazy Elf on the Shelf Ideas all months?  I remember the first year we had our elf visit.  It was about 7 years ago and back then our pore little guy Rex must have been tired because all he did was move from the Christmas tree to the bookshelf and back again.  When he was really ambitious he would fly over to the top of the TV or into a stocking, but that was it, he didn’t pull any real shenanigans back then.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Fast forward to today, he started to bring another elf friend along, her name is Snowflake and they are up to all sorts of craziness once the kids fall asleep.  I’m guessing now that all of their friends are making debuts on Pinterest, Rex and Snowflake had to up their game too!
Our elves head back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve night with Santa so when we brought them out on December 1st, I jotted down some fun and easy Elf ideas, in hopes that I wouldn’t have many “OH NO! I forgot the dang elf” mornings.  
Then I had some fun shopping at the At Home store in Orlando.  We recently moved down from Massachusetts so this was my first time in an At Home store and I am now obsessed!  We are still settling into our new place and At Home has everything I need to make it a home.  From rugs and patio furniture to fun accessories for our elves to play with!

24 Days of Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  1. When our elves arrive they bring a little gift for the kids to celebrate their arrival.  Usually a Pez dispenser, water bottle, silly putty.
  2. It’s time to bake!  December is for baking, Rex and Snowflake will get things started for us and let us know what to do next on the chalkboard cheese platter from At Home.
  3. Another December tradition is making gingerbread houses, our elves arrived one morning with kits from At Home and were positioned on the kitchen table to watch all the decorating fun.
  4. Rex and Snowflake also like to spend a day sitting in the Christmas Tree so they can admire all the pretty new ornaments.
  5. The elves like to bring some of their favorite Christmas books on some mornings, usually, they even wrap them up to make it extra fun.
  6. Using a peppermint Hershey’s Kiss one day our elf used the potty, for the boys this was an epic morning!
  7. On days that are cool enough that we won’t use our ceiling fan, the elves have fun hanging around on it.
  8. Set up a zip line throughout the house with candy canes.
  9. The night before we start to decorate, the elves pull out all our Christmas lights and tend to make a mess.
  10. We are missing out on the snowy fun of New England this year, but the elves aren’t!  Rex dumped all my sugar out to make Snow Angels.
  11. After a busy couple of weeks, the elves like to spend a cozy day hanging out in the kid’s stockings.
  12. Have the elves drink syrup because they love sugar with some staws.
  13. They plan holiday movie nights by pulling out their favorite movie and bring packages of hot chocolate.
  14. Make a snowman out of toilet paper rolls and have the elves in the center.
  15. While in the checkout line at At Home I decided to toss some red duct tape in my carriage because I figured I would use it for something fun over the holidays.  Well, I didn’t yet, but Snowflake had some fun with it.
  16. Have the elves host a movie night in the microwave with some popcorn!
  17. Our elves also love to write messages with toothpaste on the bathroom sink.
  18. The kids know Christmas is coming really soon, once Rex and Snowflake bring their new Christmas Jammies.
  19. Our elves will set up board games and play together all night.
  20. They get dressed up.  I’ve seen some cute Elf on the Shelf outfits, but I decided to try something that I can use all season long instead.  Wine Bottle decorations from At Home!  I recently got a wine bottle scarf and hat set that fit on Snowflake perfectly, and I can’t wait to go back and grab some wine bottle sweaters.  Plus, on the days the elves aren’t getting festive, mommy’s wine bottles look awesome!
    img_5385 img_5386
  21. One morning the elves moved around the silverware and when the kids opened up the utensil drawers for breakfast they found a couple of elves.
  22. Snowflake loves to toast mini marshmallows over our candles.
  23. Have the kids leave their letters for Santa with their elf to bring up to the North Pole.  We did and Santa wrote back telling them to stay on the nice list.
  24. The kid’s favorite morning was when they landed in a sealed holiday bucket from At Home with a note that said: “carry us around, our magic is safe”.  The kids showed Snowflake and Rex off to everyone!

I can’t believe Christmas will be here and our elves will be heading back to the North Pole in just 10 days.  Time seems to be passing so fast as I hold on to and cherish as much of my children’s holiday magic as I can before they grow up.  I want them to look back at these years and remember the fun mornings of December looking for their elves and that feeling of Christmas magic.  They are my reason for bringing our Elf on the Shelf alive.
What is your favorite Elf on the Shelf hiding place?

Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Adoption Certificate

Another fun way to welcome your elf into the family is with this cute adoption certificate!  Print it out, pick a name, and keep this certificate as a cute keepsake.  You could also have your elf bring the filled out certificate home with him for his second day as an official letter from Santa.

Fill out the form below and you will be redirected to the PDF file to print out.



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