Oven Dried Apple Rings Recipe

Oven Dried Apple Rings

These Oven-Dried Apple Rings are the perfect snack without worrying about any type of additives or sugar!

As a mom, I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks. I swear I’ve spent countless hours reading, researching and scouring the local stores trying to find something that wasn’t packed full of sugar and other words that I can’t even pronounce.

One day, I got tired of it all and decided that it couldn’t be that hard to make my own snacks for our kids. Lo and behold, I was right! These Oven-Dried Apple Rings are literally just two ingredients and are always a hit with my kiddos when I make them!

The key to this recipe is to make certain to choose an apple that is already naturally sweet. That way, you don’t have to add anything to it to bring out those flavors because that part is already built right into that super sweet and juicy apple.

Once you find that apple of your choice, you let the oven do its magic. With a little patience, you’ll have the most amazing tasting oven-dried apple rings that’ll send your taste buds into overdrive. And your kiddos will love them so much, they may actually start requesting them on a consistent basis!

Apple Rings Recipe for fall

Easy Apple Rings Recipe

Ingredients for Apple Rings

7-8 Apples
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

Easy Apple Rings Recipe

How to Make Apple Rings

Wash the apples then core and slice them into 1/4 inch rings. Using a Mandolin makes this process a lot easier.

Discard top and bottom rings with the most skin on them.

Easy Dried Apple Rings Recipe
 Prevent browning by dropping apples into a bowl with the lemon juice and 2 cups of water.
Dry the apples on a clean kitchen towel then lay slices on wire racks over baking sheets.
  Dry the Apples in the oven for 2-10 hours on low heat (140 degrees F), turning occasionally.
Dry longer for crisp slices, and less for soft slices.
 Remove the slices from the oven and allow to cool completely before storing in sterilized airtight jars in a dark cool place.
Easy Apple Rings Recipe for Fall

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  1. Tricia Goodmama
    October 28, 2014 at 1:59 pm (4 years ago)

    I love apples and I love apple rings like this. I made some apple fries on my blog for my son. He loved them. They are a great, healthy alternative to other types of chips.