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It’s Time to Talk to Your Teens about Vaping

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As parents, we constantly worry. When our children are little, we worry about the best bedtime, how high up the cleaning products are and the amount of screen time they get in a day. I remember thinking I would worry less once they got older and were more self-sufficient; the older moms in my group back then just laughed at my naive notion. Now that I have a teenager and two tweens of my own, I know how silly that idea was. There is so much more to worry about now – life-changing things that make the worries of the past seem inconsequential.

The one rule I have set for myself during this interesting season of parenting is to always keep the conversation flowing. In my home, no subject is off-limits, and I feel like that helps my children openly talk to me about curiosities they have or experiences they go through. One thing I have talked to my teens about frequently is vaping, and it was mind-blowing to hear how many children are vaping and how young they start.

Teens Vaping

A few decades ago, smoking cigarettes was what parents worried about, and while it came with some peer pressure at least there was the smell, bad breath, and yellow teeth that still deterred many teens away from it. However, vaping is a whole ‘nother ball game: A lot of teens see the fun colored pens and fruity tasting fluid as a harmless activity, with no concern about the damaging health impacts that vaping has on their bodies.

Talking to Teens About Vaping

Having a discussion with our teens about vaping so that they are aware of what is actually in the vapor, along with the health risks associated with vaping, will likely have the biggest impact on preventing teens from starting a dangerous and addicting habit.

Community Care Plan has come out with a great video that educates parents on the ins and outs of vaping while giving them essential tips to start a conversation with their teens.

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  1. As a mother of teens myself you are so right. I worry more now than I ever did when they were small. Thank you for sharing the video, vaping is a great concern of mine and the video has some great tips on how to have a conversation about it with my boys.

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