3 Tips to Calm the Holiday Chaos So That You Can Enjoy the Season

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Boy Eating Pizza near Christmas Tree

Calm the Holiday Chaos

The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone but they are especially busy for us moms who have to prepare our homes for family and guests, shop for presents, and maintain traditions, on top of our everyday busy schedules.  Luckily throughout the years, I have picked up a few tips to save time while keeping everyone happy.

3 Tips for Keeping the Holiday Stress-Free

Make the Lists and Check Them Twice

The quickest way to get overwhelmed and stressed out this holiday season is to go in it without a plan and unorganized.  Take several hours now that the kids are back in school and make all your lists.  A gift list, a Christmas card list, a grocery list if you are hosting a holiday party or dinner, and so on depending on what your holiday plans look like.  I make all the lists!  I even have a list of cleaning to be done over the next month, fun things to do, etc. having everything out of my head and able to be crossed off instantly makes my brainless stressed.

Supreme pizza

Give Yourself a Break with Family Pizza Night!

Find time to relax and take in the beauty of the holiday season.  The one way I find time during the holidays is to streamline our weeknight meals.  I like easy and delicious options that I can count on and Red Barron pizza is my go-to!

Boy eating Pizza for Pizza Night

Pizza Party with Red baron Pizza

At the end of a busy workday, the kids come home from school hungry with backpacks full of homework.  Then there are letters to be mailed to Santa, shopping to do, and of course the holiday fun.  So having easy dinner options on hand that my family loves is imperative!  I always keep a Red Baron Classic Crust Cheese Pizza and a Classic Crust Supreme Pizza in the freezer to helps me calm the mealtime chaos and keep everyone’s belly happy.

Red Baron Pizza

Create Fun and Easy Traditions

Some people enjoy making entire gingerbread houses from scratch, that’s not me.  So I go for the boxed version and enjoy sneaking candy from my kid’s dishes as they decorate.  This is a tradition for us, but it entails little cleanup and no stress on my part.  

Movie nights are another stress-free tradition that we adore.  There is nothing better than cuddling up with the kids and some hot chocolate to watch a holiday movie with the Christmas tree lit up in the background.  

Baking my grandmothers cookie recipe is a tradition I look forward every holiday season, granted it creates quite a mess to clean up but it is still something I absolutely love.  

Choose the traditions you love and get rid of the ones that overwhelm you and stress you out!

Tree with Candy Canes for Stress Free Holiday

How do you calm the crazy and stay festive during the holidays?



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  1. I don’t have kids so I’m lucky that my holiday stress is already pretty minimal. I totally agree about making lists, though. There’s just not enough brain space to try to remember everything!

  2. These are really great tips. I love to simplify things during the holidays so I can enjoy it more. It really is all about time with family.

  3. It does tend to get chaotic as Christmas draws nearer. Games for us helps ease some of the insanity. Great tips!

  4. Great ideas. We love pizza night in our house. Makes for some great memories too. We may have a pizza night tonight actually!

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