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Boys Climbing in Inclusive Playground

Mummy- ma, your baby’s first pronunciation in an attempt to call you. You were so excited. Your little bundle of joy had marked tremendous milestones since birth.

Now that your baby is ready to explore, what better way of making memories than have them in an inclusive playground?

So What Is an Inclusive Playground?

An inclusive playground is generally a safe environment installed with various playground equipment for children of all ages. Irrespective of age, gender, and even developmental milestones- your child can have great playtimes.

Why Inclusive Play Is Important

I remember the painful thoughts that ran through my mind when Aidan was diagnosed with Autism, and then again when Lilly’s diagnosis and weak muscle strength began.  Would they be able to make friends and participate in play?  Would they be able to ride a bike?  Would they be able to play with other kids?  These are questions I never imagined thinking about with my oldest son, but they are the never-ending thoughts a parent of children with disabilities has.  When Anthony was a preschooler, I didn’t think twice about spending an afternoon at the playground or think twice about the play equipment, however, when the twins were that age I suddenly needed to think about play structures in an entirely new way.  Which is what makes Landscape Structures Inclusive playgrounds so special to my heart.

Girl at Inclusive Playground

Landscape Structures Inclusive Playgrounds

Kids learn so many life skills on the playground and the foundation of those skills begins at an early age so it is extremely important for children of all abilities to participate in an inclusive play space. Inclusive Play is not just focusing on accessibility,  it brings age, developmental appropriateness, and sensory-stimulating activity into the equation which results in social equity and increasingly diverse social communities.

Lilly’s muscle tone has improved after years of hard work and physical therapy and Aidan’s Autism is high functioning, however I truly believe that the social skills they have now has a lot to do with the inclusive play that they had available throughout the years and now we continue to spend out playground time at Inclusive Playgrounds because I want them to always understand that everyone is made different and beautiful and deserves to be included.

Boy at Inclusive Play Space

Why Inclusive Playgrounds Are Essential for Your Child

There are several reasons to take your child to an inclusive playground. Here are some of them:

Physically Engaging

Does your child prefer a swim? Or maybe a slide through the bouncing castles? Perhaps still, a run through the tracks? Whichever activities they love; an inclusive playground has got them covered. Since most parents love to take their kids to an inclusive playground, your baby will get a company making the games even more fun.

Accommodative Nature

Your child’s physical impairment should not hinder them from having fun. All children deserve a good play, and Inclusive playgrounds have a way of making it happen. In an inclusive playground, various play equipment have been installed to take care of different physical challenges that some kids could be facing. For example, play centers have access points like ramps convenient for a child with a physical impairment.

Enhance Child Development

Inclusive playgrounds are a fun set up that mentally challenges the kids and promotes their development. Aside from becoming physically stronger as they play, they learn to communicate with each other hence building their social skills from an early age. They grow intellectually and emotionally, develop a higher sense of self-worth, and learn more about themselves.

Human nature is diverse. Allowing your child to participate in inclusive playground activities helps them learn to accept everyone around them, which will be an important value in their adult life.

3 Important Life Lessons Children Learn on the Playground 

Kids learn how to make friendships by working together and helping one another.

The first place my children made friends, outside of the family, was on the playground. There is something heartwarming about a child being able to run onto the playground and within the blink of an eye, they are jumping around with a group of kids. They help each other and encourage each other to cross the monkey bars or face their fears and go down the high slide. Children learn that working together will make the see-saw work and build sandbox villages faster. They learn that climbing as high as you can is a lot more fun with someone to enjoy the view with.

Kids learn to use their imaginations and collaborate with each other.

The play structure becomes a pirate ship and the slide is a plank into the alligator waters. The climbing dome is a princess castle that is protected by magic. They learn to use their imaginations together and create some amazing play time as each child adds a different aspect to the story.

Kids learn to be leaders and make decisions while celebrating each other.

As they play children learn to make decisions for themselves, which leads them to become leaders and builds their confidence. From deciding who is going to be the captain of the ship to figuring out who is going down the slides together, decisions are made and leaders are built.

Children at inclusive playground

Children learn so much on the playground!  Landscape Structures believes that through inclusive play, kids learn life lessons such as leadership, persistence, support, and empathy.  Which I also believe wholeheartedly making Inclusive Playgrounds so important.

Playground for inclusive play

Find an Inclusive Playground Near You

October is Sensory Awareness Month!  So why not head to a great Inclusive Playground today?  One of our favorite Landscape Structures Inclusive playgrounds is Sims Park in New Port Richey when we are close to home.  We also love to stop at Common Ground Park in Lakeland as a car break on our drives over to Orlando.  Want to find an Inclusive Playground close to you?  Visit the Landscape Structures site and search for the playground that fits your needs!

Inclusive Playground Structure

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  1. That’s really neat, I hadn’t heard of inclusive play before. What a fun playground and glad that it is so near and dear to your heart. My middle was diagnosed high functioning autistic at age 8, he’s now 12 with more friends than his older sister and younger brother combined. He still has fine motor skill issues though.

  2. This is a great post! How encouraging for other moms! My children have learned much through playground play with others as well.

  3. It’s so important to have a Inclusive Playground for special kids so they can spend time to play and enjoy outdoor activities.

  4. Inclusive play is such a nice way to teach our kids on how to interact to other kids and I agree that it also help them to be more imaginative and to be leader with coordination to others.

  5. I’ve not heard of an Inclusive Playground before, but I couldn’t agree more that playing is an important part of children learning how to work with others and such.

  6. Inclusive playgrounds are just the bets for kids since t makes them build their friendships better and they also learn to support each other during play. Good enough, you are actually spending much time outdoors with the kids.

  7. This is great to encourage parents bring their kids in Inclusive Playgrounds so their child will able to interact with other kids and know how to spend time in this kind of activity.

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