How to Prepare for Back to School Like a Pro with These 6 Tips

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tips for preparing for back to school

6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Back to School

Everyone knows that getting ready for a new school year can be stressful. Consequently, to help you prepare for the back to school season, here are a few helpful tips.

Set up a Homework Station

A homework station will make it possible for you to keep all your supplies in a centralized location. Additionally, by setting up an area for them to work in, you will also help your child to be more efficient. Furthermore, you should make sure that the homework station is in an area that is free of distractions, as these will only serve to hinder your child’s ability to complete their homework assignments.

Organize the Kid’s Outfits Ahead of Time

By getting the outfits set up in advance, you will save yourself precious time on school day mornings. The mornings during the school year can be somewhat hectic as you need to make sure that your children have all the stuff they will need to attend school for the day. Moreover, you have to make sure that they eat their breakfast, brush their teeth, and that they make it to the bus stop in time to catch the bus to school. The last thing you need on a hectic morning is trying to pick out an outfit.

Stock up Early While Back to School Items Are on Sale

Now is the perfect time to stock up on your school supplies, my son goes through several notebooks during the year so I grab a bunch now while they are on sale for under $1 each.  Furthermore, you should never forget to make some classroom contributions. Additionally, schoolteachers go through a considerable amount of hand sanitizer, tissues, and other resources throughout every school year.

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Spend Some Time Reading With Your Child

A large number of schools perform reading assessments during the initial week of classes. Therefore, you should bump up your time reading at home, and which will help ensure that your children are ready for the new school year.  Looking for some new titles for your home library?  Check to see if your local Publix has a book section, Our local store had lots of fun titles the kids loved and were priced affordably at 3 for $10!

back to school lunch tips

Do a Lunch Test Run

Lunch is an essential part of the school day. Your children need to recharge their batteries if they want to perform well in the classes they have after the lunch period. Consequently, an excellent way to prepare for the school year is to do a lunch test run before school starts. So why not pack up their lunch boxes with the food they enjoy, and go for a picnic the week before school starts.  This is a fun way to break in your child’s lunch box.

Back to school lunch sushi recipe

Publix has some excellent prices on the essentials for school lunches. Deli meat is a good thing to always have on hand, as sandwiches are an easy and yummy staple to put in your kid’s lunch box.  You can also make roll-ups with them alone or with tortilla’s so they look like sushi! 

publix deli coupon

Also, a bottle of Dasani water or Powerade in their lunch box will be the perfect thing to wet their whistle during their lunch break.  I also make sure to keep a bottle of Dasani Water on the side of their backpacks to help keep them hydrated throughout the school day.  With gym and recess being outside in the Florida heat, having water on hand all day is essential.

dasani water publix coupon prepare for back to school lunches

Now is a great time to stock up on Dasani water and lunch meat at Publix!  Take advantage of this coupon and save $2 when you buy 2 Coca-Cola products and a pound of lunch meat at Publix.

publix deli coupon coca cola

 Before School Starts Spend Some Quality Time Together

Why not take a trip to the zoo, the beach, or a museum? Remember, a family outing is a great way to create some pleasant end of summer memories before the hustle and bustle of the school year starts.

Prepare for back to school tips

What is your favorite thing to pack in your child’s lunch box?

preparing for back to school tips

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  1. It is always hard when back to school comes around, getting back into those mornings and routine can be hard. So getting the prep ready can be a really great thing.

  2. I pack tons of sandwiches, although, I have to be honest… I do it because it’s easiest, not because it’s my favorite. ????

  3. You lunch box is so cute! Love all these tips. We buy all the school supplies early too – or there is NEVER anything left. No waiting in these parts.

  4. Ahhh…it’s so hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and many of the kiddos around the country are already back at school. I love all your tips, especially the reminder to stock up early on school supplies!

  5. I would also sort through all the leftover school supplies from the previous school year so I didn’t buy things they didn’t need. This kept cost and clutter down.

  6. We just did a test lunch run last week and the kids loved the new menu ideas! Happy back to school.

  7. These are great tips. I think my sister did the lunch test and stock up on supplies as mostly are sale items.

  8. I would love to start stocking up for school, but I noticed last year, the basic school supplies were not on the list of things needed for school.

  9. I like the lunch time test run for sure. Clever idea. I need to get on this soon. We have uniforms here so that really works beautifully as a time saver. My kids took maybe a week to get used to uniforms for high school but it saves so much time in the morning. That I love.

  10. Such great tips. I always organize my son’s outfits ahead of time. I do need to do the lunch test run because my son can be really picky when it comes to lunch.

  11. We just started school today. This weekend we did a lot of lunch prep and organizing so we don’t start he year off crazy.

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