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Top 5 Great & Safe Jewelry Items for Moms of Little Kids

Moms with younger kids often face the challenge of choosing jewelry pieces that not only enhance their style but also withstand the chaos of daily parenting. Women generally love wearing jewelry. But, when they are around kids, it can become inappropriate as they might harm the children accidentally. 

For this reason, some moms might avoid wearing jewelry at all. But, deep down, they also want to look stylish while keeping their kids safe. If you are one of them, you may enjoy reading the tips below. Here, you will find out what jewelry you may wear when you have little kids at home. 

Keep it Shiny and Simple 

Pretty and glittering jewelry can lift your mood, but you additionally require it to be secure. Big jewelry items can get in the way and become damaged easily. Most importantly, it might hurt your children. If you do not have any small-sized jewelry, you can buy one from Figueira as a long chunky chain or necklace might get tangled on your baby while carrying. A large diamond cuff might accidentally scratch your baby’s delicate skin as well.

When picking safe jewelry items, make sure they are not too big. Check if it has any sharp edges that may hurt your children or catch on clothing. Considering your activity can help you choose the appropriate jewelry items. You might be a little daring in picking your favorite jewelry in case you and your children are going to attend a sit-down dinner or something like that. 

But if you plan to jump on a trampoline or play a game with your kids on the floor, you must not wear any jewelry items that might be a danger to them. Make sure to look at your jewelry attentively before you put them on.

Long necklaces and chandelier earrings might easily be pulled. So try avoiding them. Also, do not wear any thin bracelet or necklace that might break and hurt your children. Check if your jewelry is scratchy or not. It might be even worse for the baby’s skin if it is. 

Wear the ring or bracelets that have secured all the gemstones properly so they do not fall out and end up in your baby’s mouth. Always make sure to check the above-mentioned things to keep your children away from any possible danger.

What Are the Safe Jewelry Items to Wear Around Kids?

Just because some jewelry items might be dangerous for your kids or you are a busy mom, it doesn’t mean you need to avoid wearing gorgeous jewelry totally. 

Some safe jewelry items you may opt for are given below.

  1. Bracelets

Snug bracelets can be a good choice for your beautiful hands. They are secure and do not move up the arm. You can wear a charm bracelet, too, to look stylish while keeping your kids safe. You may customize it with meaningful charms that represent your kids’ milestones. Sterling silver or stainless steel might be a good pick for longevity.

You may choose to wear stretch bracelets as well that are made with durable materials like beads and elastic. You will find these bracelets easy to put on and off. They are convenient for moms as they are constantly on the go.

Wrap bracelets can be good everyday wear. They are typically made of fabric or leather. You will find them versatile and less likely to get stuck on things. They might be styled in different ways, and you will feel comfortable wearing them.

  1. Necklaces or Chains 

Another good item you may pick to wear is any short necklace that can not get caught on anything easily. You may also like to invest in a locket that holds a photo of your children. This timeless piece will allow you to minimize the risk of breakage or snagging while keeping them close to your heart. 

Silicone teething necklaces are practical and stylish for mothers of teething toddlers. They can give you a chic adornment while keeping your children safe and comforting teething solutions.

  1. Minimalist Stud Earrings

There are some safe and simple earring items to wear, such as sophisticated and stylish diamond stud earrings. This style might minimize the risk of catching on little fingers or clothing, making them a practical pick for active moms. You can also pick gold earrings that do not have sharp diamonds, such as a round or pear-shaped diamond.

  1. Stainless Steel Jewelry 

You can pick stainless steel jewelry items for daily usage. It’s resistant to tarnish. It is known for its durability. You will find them to withstand the wear and tear of a daily mom’s life. So, it might be a good choice for you to opt for this jewelry material. Just make sure there are no sharp edges to harm your child.

  1. Resin Jewelry Items 

Resin jewelry can be a trendy wear for you. They are also durable. Go for resin earrings or pendants or with encapsulated elements such as small keepsakes or flowers. It can add a unique touch to your outfit while keeping your kids safe and secure.

Being Cautious about Jewelry Materials 

If you have young girls at home, they might want to play jewelry styling and wear yours when they get a chance. By picking items that are safe, as mentioned above, you do increase their rate of safety. However, you need to be wary in case your child has skin sensitivities.

Some metals aren’t safe for your kids. Led is a metal that can be linked to different brain development problems. Children’s jewelry generally contains warnings if it contains this metal. But, in the case of adult jewelry items, it might not be indicated. So, you need to be careful about it. 

Final Words 

Styling is up to you. You can choose anything to wear. But, as a mother of younger kids, you need to pick durable materials and secure designs to suit your lifestyle. 

Always remember to wear everything safe and practical when you are around your children, whether it is jewelry items or your fashion accessories and clothing. You need to strike a balance between style and practicality to make sure you are keeping your kids from any possible harm.

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