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21 Spooky Mummy Crafts and Recipes for Halloween

It’s time to get spooky and scary this Halloween season with all kinds of mummy recipes and mummy crafts. You can make these at home with the kids or in a classroom setting (some may just require some prep work). Many of these mummy crafts you can get your supplies at your local dollar store and these days they also carry a ton of baking supplies too! If you’re doing online shopping we’ve got you covered with some great basics to get you started.

Spooky Mummy Craft and recipe ideas

Here are some basic supplies you can pick up and create multiple Halloween crafts and recipes

Mummy Crafts and Recipes To Try This Halloween

  1. Halloween Mummy Brownies from Dancing Through the Rain Super easy to make and the kids can help with every step! Perfect for parties or holiday treats!
  2. Mummy Letters from Ginger Casa Creative way to let the kids play and learn with letters. Have them create holiday decor by doing words and practicing spelling!
  3. Mummy Rice Krispie Treats from Cincy Shopper A festive take on a classic treat! These are super easy to make and you can send them with the kid’s lunches because they’ll fit perfectly!
  4. Mummy Craft from Artsy Momma Need something educational and fun for the kids to make? Gotcha covered with this adorable free printable! The kids can create, color, and write all with ONE activity.
  5. Paper Bag Mummy from Simple Everyday Mom A great free template/printable activity for kids to do at home or in school settings. Have the kids practice fine motor skills with cutting and pasting and more.
  6. Easy Oreo Mummy Pops from Suburban Simplicity Totally right with the easy part! These easy to make pops will have you being the favorite mom this year for sure! 30 minutes gets ya about 20 of these little treats and they are so worth it!
  7. Nutter Butter Mummy Cookies from Walking on Sunshine Three super simple steps is all it takes to make these Mummy snacks! Create a bunch and pack them in lunches or after school treats for the kids.
  8. Sticky Wall Mummy Craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning Easy to follow steps for home and school settings on how to set this up for all the kids. Plus you can keep it up all season for decor and the kids will love seeing the creations all the time.
  9. Mummy Hot Dogs from Mom Foodie These classic and ALWAYS useful Halloween snacks are super easy to make and always a hit! Just three ingredients (4 if they cheese) and it’s a wrap!
  10. Yummy Mummy Bananas from Parenting Chaos Take a kid favorite and create something brand new with these treats! Just requires three edible supplies and a few extras to help you create these mummy-rific treats the kids will love!
  11. Chocolate Gingerbread Mummy Man Cookies from Mommy Evolution You can always take cookie cutters from Christmas and use them for Halloween!
  12. Halloween Mummy Cake Pops Cake Pops are super easy to make! Now you can add some extra chocolate and make them into a festive Halloween treat!
  13. Yarn Wrapped Mummy Footprint from Fun Handprint Art Blog Let the kids get briefly messy and then practice fine motor skills with wrapping. This mummy craft only requires three supplies!
  14. Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries from Mama Cheaps Ready for another dollar store craft? These luminaries are be placed in the windows or leave them on the tables for a night light.
  15. GoGo Squeez Mummy Pouches from The Nerds Wife This doubles as a craft and snack right? Plus you can stash these in the kids lunch boxes for school and make it a surprise!
  16. Mummy Pretzels from Midwestern Girl Sweet and salty treat that is super easy to make! Just add two ingredients and you’ve got some
  17. Halloween Mummy Bowling from Juggling Act Mama An awesome craft that turns into a game for the whole family! Great step by step instructions and the kids can help from start to finish.
  18. Mummy Brownie Batter Bark from Chelsea’s Messy Apron Super easy to follow pictures with instructions. Each batch makes a ton of bark so make it to share with the whole family/class.
  19. Mini Mummy Pizzas from Dessert Now Dinner Later All the kids love pizza and now you can add some festive flavor with these adorable mummy pizzas. (Plus you can adapt them to be gluten-free)
  20. Mummy Rock Craft from Little Pine Learners Uses the main part of your supplies with items from nature! Plus let the kids pick their own rocks and decorate them to make the perfect mummies!
  21. Mummy Water Bottles are perfect for a Halloween party craft or already made to make the drink table incredibly spooky!

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21 Mummy Themed Halloween Crafts and Recipes

These mummy crafts and recipes are the perfect way to get in the spooky spirit this Halloween! Check out these Halloween crafts for kids and Halloween tasty treats that everyone will love.

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