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Pre-Winter, During Winter & After Winter Home Renovation Tips

Home renovations can both be great and a struggle. No matter how much planning you do, there is always something that doesn’t go exactly according to plan. However, in order to properly plan your renovations, especially the ones for making your home ready for winter, you need a bit more planning and organization. To help you go through this winter and smoothly as possible, here are a few tips on how to renovate before, during and after winter. 

Pre-Winter Renovations

It’s hard to do any major renovations during the winter and you certainly don’t want to be without any water or electricity when it’s cold. So, here are renovations to do before the winter. 


Winters can be unpredictable and you don’t want your whole family to be cold. So, if you already don’t have insulation, the best time to install it is before winter comes. You can research different types of insulation that suit different materials, and not all types of insulation are best for all areas of the home. For example, you should consider reflective foil insulation for your roof or attic because it will keep your home warm during the winter, and later, when the summer arrives, it will keep your home cool. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom is always a great investment. However, you should do these rooms before the winter comes in order to always have access to hot water during winter. So, no matter how big or small of an upgrade you want to do, do it before the winter sets in. You can replace all the fixtures, especially if they are outdated. Check the pipes if necessary and upgrade the furniture. 

During Winter Renovations

Once it’s cold outside, you shouldn’t do any major renovation, but you can focus on smaller upgrades. 

Repaint the rooms

Winter makes the perfect weather to repaint all of your rooms. You can add an accent wall, simply repaint all the walls and brighten things up. However, still, make sure to keep the room you are painting at least 15 degrees Celsius to allow the paint to dry properly. 

Repurpose a Spare Room

Winter is perfect for reorganizing things, and if you have a spare room, you should give it a purpose. If you’ve left the spare room to simply be a storage space, consider breathing more life into it and it can be useful again. If you need a home office, this makes a perfect space for it. If your kids need a playroom, brighten things up in this room and provide them with a safe space to play in. The possibilities are endless and here are some ideas for your spare room:

  • Home gym
  • Home Library
  • Home office
  • Hobby room
  • Study room
  • Wine room

Post-Winter Renovations

As soon as you see spring is around the corner, you can focus on some other renovations to prepare your home for spring. 

Upgrade Your Garden

Giving your garden a makeover before the spring is a must-do. If you love plants, it’s time to give them a safe space to grow and thrive. You can get rid of any old plants in the yard, and make room for new ones. Paint some planters to make the garden colorful and even upgrade your outdoor furniture. You can either buy new trendy furniture that you like or simply repaint your old garden chairs and tables to bring new vibrant colors to welcome the spring. 

Finish That Basement

A finished basement can significantly increase the value of your home. If you still haven’t finished it yet, now is the time. You can update its decor, give it a new purpose and overall make it more comfortable and an extra space for you and your family to enjoy. Just like any other spare room, you can turn your basement into a game room, playroom, library, and even gym. 

For this, it’s smart to get help from a professional. Thanks to the internet, finding experts near you is much easier now. For example, if you’re in Red Deer, just search for ‘Expert Basement Development Services in Red Deer‘ online. This way, you can find the best team to work with on your project. Talk to them about what you want and how much you can spend. They’ll make a special plan just for you, fitting both your needs and your budge

Being a homeowner is great and fun, but it is a never-ending task. If you are considering renovations around the winter, make sure to plan things and be realistic about the budget and your timeline. 

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