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5 Eco-Friendly Choices For Your Garden in 2023

Are you looking out into your garden and wanting to make it a bit friendlier for the planet?

There has been a focus in recent times on outdoor spaces to help the environment, and if you feel yours needs a bit of an overhaul, it can be hard to know where to start.

With that in mind, here are 5 eco-friendly choices to make when decorating your garden that will look great and won’t make you feel guilty!

  1. Pavers

Yes, you can get eco-friendly paving stones, but it will depend on where you get them from, what they are made of, and how they are installed. 

Luckily, there are lots of options. For a real eco-friendly approach, you can opt to have reclaimed bricks, repurposed concrete, or even repurposed granite or quartz pavers installed. You will want to ensure that the pavers are permeable, as this will help to prevent water run-off and erosion. So, options from Quorn Stone, like quartz, porcelain, or limestone, are ideal here. 

  1. Repurposed/Upcycled Décor

When making an eco-friendly garden, try to avoid plastic wherever you can. Also, look for items that can be repurposed. For instance, the bars on the side of a baby’s crib that is no longer being used can double up as a trellis for jasmine or wild roses to grow on. If you are short on space but want a pond, why not make one with a hollowed-out tire and some tarp? You can also use pallets to create unique seating areas or even planters. This will reduce waste and create an interesting look for your garden.

  1. Furniture

This is not to say that you have to make all your garden furniture yourself, as that would be very difficult!

If you aren’t into DIY but want to add some outdoor furniture, aim to choose furniture that has been made from sustainable options, like bamboo, reclaimed wood, or even recycled plastic. All of these are durable and provide a low environmental impact, especially when compared to hardwood and new plastics. Not sure how to spot these? Look for furniture that has certifications that indicate responsible sourcing.

  1. Natural Landscaping and Native Plants

Based on where you are, you should try and opt for native plants so the pollinators in your garden, as well as spiders, beetles, and ladybugs, have something to live on! Also, when looking for a more natural theme, it is important to minimize the use of water, remove pesticides, and extreme maintenance. To promote a healthier ecosystem, stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and opt for natural solutions to pest control and weed maintenance or removal.

  1. Solar Powered Features

OK, so many people want to have a brightly lit garden on a summer evening, but running electrical wires can be time-consuming, expensive, and, if you aren’t properly trained, hazardous! Click here to contact a professional lighting contractor. The same rule applies to running wires for pond pumps and even water features. So, to make your garden more energy efficient, try to have solar-powered options placed around your garden. The lights will instantly turn on when the sun goes down, and a properly aimed solar panel will keep your water feature pumping nicely, as well as keep the water in your pond clear. Even better, these options will also reduce your energy bills!

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