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It’s one of my favorite times of year, Halloween!  I love the feeling of this month, the pumpkin picking, the Halloween parties, trick-o-treating, everything!  It is such a fun time of year.
Now I have started another fun tradition for this time of year, BOO’ing.  I recently started hearing about this fun way of sharing the Halloween spirit with friends, family, and neighbors and now I’m hooked.  It is so much fun for everyone involved!
So what exactly is BOO’ing?  You create a fun little package of candy and Halloween themed items and leave it anonymously on someone’s front door.  Now that person has been Boo’d!
This is the BOO kit I created this Halloween:

It was easy to make, contains some of my favorite treats, and the mommy perk is that I was able to pick everything up in one trip to Walmart.  Saving time while building fun traditions makes for a great day. 
Products needed to make this BOO kit:
Plastic Pumpkin
Piece of Styrofoam
Wood Dowels 
Glue Gun
 Sunkist® and A&W Root-beer 8oz cans in the adorable Halloween cans.
Bag of MARS Candy, I chose the Mixed Minis bag because it had my favorite, SNICKERS®!  Plus TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, and 3 MUSKETEERS®.
Once you’ve grabbed all your supplies, its time to have fun building your kit.
Start by lining the bottom of the pumpkin with the Halloween soda cans.
Next take your piece of Styrofoam and cut it to fit into your pumpkin, resting on top of the soda cans.
Cover the foam with a bunch of the mini candies.
Next heat up the glue gun, grab your dowels and pick out which candies and how many pieces you want on each stick.
Put a line of glue on the dowel and stick a piece of candy onto it.  Hold it for a few seconds while the glue cools, then keep going down the line.
Once your candy sticks are done, stick them into the foam within the pumpkin, wherever you’d like.
WaLa you have a delicious BOO kit, but it’s not quite finished.
You need to print out this fun “You’ve been BOO’d” greeting card along with the “We’ve been BOO’d” sign.
That’s it, simple to make and fun to give.
We decided to BOO my niece who just got here from Brazil.  This is her first time in the United States and has never experienced Halloween before.  I think getting a cute suprise pumpkin filled with a perfect combination of sweets and soda will make any teen excited for the upcoming holiday.  But shhh her BOO’ing is a secret!
Now that you’ve created an awesome BOO kit and BOO’d a unsuspecting friend.  What are you going to do with the left over candy?  While it probably would have been devoured within 24 hours at my house.  I wanted to do something different with it.  So I made up some of my hubby’s favorite Candy Bar Brownies.
Brownie Box Mix and ingredents listed on the box.
Mini Marshmellows
MARS Candy Mixed Minis
Halloween Themed Sprinkles 
Make Brownies as directed on the box, but subtract 15 minutes from the cooking time.
Once the brownies are firm, take them out of the oven and top them with tons of Mini MARS Candy Bars.
Next sprinkle on the Mini Marshmallows.
Place the pan back in the oven and cook for the remaining 15 minutes.  After everything melted on top pull them out of the oven and top with your favorite Halloween sprinkles.
Then let the brownies sit and cool for at least 30 minutes while the melted chocolate bars harden back up a little.
Top with whip cream and serve with a Halloween can of soda!
The Halloween cans are available in Canada Dry, A&W,  7UP® and Sunkist®.
Be sure to check out other great BOO Kit ideas. I’d love to hear about who you are BOO’ing this year to celebrate Halloween!

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