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Free Day of the Dead Coloring Book and Facts for Kids

Are you teaching your children about “Day of the Dead”? I have a free Day of the Dead Coloring Book that you can use in your Day of the Dead activities.

Day of the Dead is a holiday that begins on October 31st, in Mexico and many other Latin American countries. The Day of the Dead is a popular time for parties and celebrations, but it’s also an important religious holiday. Celebrations often include food offerings to the dead, candlelight vigils known as “Calavera” (skulls), dancing, and even some macabre costumes.

What is Day of the Dead?

In Spanish, the phrase “Día de Los Muertos” literally means “Day of the Dead.” It is a three-day event. Day of the Dead is a celebration in which people honor their deceased loved ones who have passed on.

When is Day of the Dead?

This holiday falls on November first and second. Families gather together to celebrate, eat a meal and decorate the gravesites with beautiful bright flowers in honor of their loved ones who have passed away.

Who Celebrates Dia de Los Muertos?

The Day of the Dead is celebrated in many countries all over the world. This includes Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, and several other Latin-American countries. In America, it’s also celebrated by some Mexican communities living north of the border.

Is Day of the Dead sad?

People often think that celebrating death is sad. But for many families who celebrate Día de Muertos, the holiday is actually a celebration and an honoring of their loved ones.

The celebrations can be happy and festive. People decorate gravesites with flowers and bright items that represent memories of their ancestors. They create altars in homes or visit community altars to honor those who have passed away while celebrating life with food, music, and dance.

What do Sugar Skulls Have to do with Day of the Dead?

Sugar skulls represent loved ones who have passed on. They are given as gifts to remember those family members, friends, and pets that you no longer see every day.

How do you say Day of the Dead in Spanish?

Dia de Muertos is pronounced “Die-uh duh myoor-tohs”, this holiday can also be called All Souls’ Day or Feast of the dead depending on where you are from.

Free Day Of The Dead Coloring Book to Download

Here is a free printable 22 page “Day of the Dead” coloring book to enjoy while learning more about this beautiful holiday. Click here to Download!

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