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Amwell – Great Healthcare for my Busy Family

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If your family is anything like mine, you know how crazy this time of year becomes.  I am so busy, and trying to catch a breath is never easy.  Between adjusting to the back to school routine, getting ready for the holidays, sports practices, keeping the house clean for holiday gatherings, and everything else that goes along with being a work at home mom and wife, there is no time for me to get sick.

Unfortunately, I do not have any magical mommy spray to keep all the germs away from me that my children are bringing home from school.  I do however have Amwell!

Amwell is a 24/7 resource for busy moms

I started getting that achy feeling last week, and as someone who frequently gets strep throat, I immediately knew what was coming next.  By dinner time my throat was red and painful, A fever started to creep in, and it was a struggle to stick to my schedule.  However, Aidan had football practice, Lilly needed to be picked up from chorus, and Anthony needed supplies for a school project.

Trying to get an appointment with my primary care doctor, would have meant calling in backup to not only sit at a football field for two hours but also do all the after school errands while I sat in a waiting room.

Fortunately, I knew about Amwell!  I didn’t need to get a babysitter or drive to the doctor’s office. I was able to talk to a doctor from my car while watching my son’s practice, and best of all she sent over a prescription to my pharmacy and I was able to pick up my antibiotics on the way home.  It was simple, fast, friendly and I was already feeling better by the following morning.

More About Amwell

Amwell is a 24/7 resource for you and your family. When you need urgent care, you need it immediately and what better way to access it then from your own home?

With Amwell, you see a Board-certified doctor for an on-demand video visit.  Simply download the app to your phone or visit the website on your computer, sign up with your email and click on urgent care.

Some commonly treated conditions are:

  • Fever
  • Cold & flu
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Stomach bugs
  • Travel 
  • Pediatrics
  • Rashes
  • UTI
In addition to the convenience of being able to see a doctor from home or on the go, I also love that you can pull up your health record whenever you want and print them out.  This was when I do go to my routine appointments with my primary care physician, I am able to print out any information from my Amwell Video Doctor Visits with me.
This service has definitely been a game-changer for my family of 5. I no longer have to freak out when one of us develops a fever while traveling out of town or drag 3 kids to the doctor when one of them starts to feel queazy.  I have peace of mind knowing I can talk to a doctor whenever I need to.  

Get 50% off on Urgent Care with Amwell

Use coupon code Amwell50 for 50% off a $69 urgent care visit.  Are you ready to take advantage of the convenience of Amwell and this great deal?  Click here to start your discounted doctor visit now!
Amwell Health Resource for Busy Moms on the go

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