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Everything You Need to Start The Christmas Pickle Tradition!

We have started a new Christmas tradition.  The Christmas Pickle Tradition!  I am so excited about this, I am always looking for fun ways to make more memories during the holidays with kids and The Pickle Tradition does just that.
I had heard my family joke with my father about hiding a pickle at Christmas over the years because he is German and I guess they had heard about a German version of this tradition.  However, we never took part in it and I never understood how anyone would hide a pickle.  For some reason, I was imagining an actual pickle and couldn’t comprehend making my house smell like dill pickles for Christmas day.  
Well the jokes on me, The Christmas Pickle Tradition set showed up on my doorstep and I am in love with this adorable tradition and so excited to be starting it with my children.  They are excited about the potential to win an extra gift.

How The Christmas Pickle Tradition works


What Comes in The Christmas Pickle Tradition Kit

Pickle Ornament
A Note from Santa Claus
Annual Pickle Finder Tracker
The Pickle Tradition Book

A Note From Santa

Leave me the Pickle.  To hang on your tree. By the milk and cookies. Is where it should be. When the morning time comes. No sneaking, be smart! You must wait for your family for the search to start.
On the count of three. Little feet start to run. The search for the pickle.  Has finally begun! The lucky child. Who spots it on the tree.  Will receive the first present. A gift just from me.
The book tells the story of one of Santa’s mischievous elves, Pickle, and how he learns about the magic of giving over the Christmas season.
The Christmas Pickle Tradition retails for $29.99 and is available at ChristmasPickleTradition.com 

This is such a fun set and the kids can’t get enough of the book and hearing Pickle the elf’s story.  This will be our first year hiding the pickle and we can’t wait to start this great tradition that will surely last for generations!

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